Sunday, January 5, 2014

She only asked for two gifts but she got LOTS

Christmas has come and gone and our house has  a little more stuff in it. We have a new Surface (D), a Nespresso ( a gift from my mother in law), a toasteroven&foodchopper&popcornmaker (my mother in law loves buying us appliances), these awesome boots, my blardigan (I've worn this everyday since getting it and might just do another post focused just on it, I'm obsessed), lots of great clothes (thanks mama) and there are so many toys around. Those are just a few of the presents we received... and then there were stocking stuffers. Even though we didn't ask for much, we got lots... and everyone was very intentional in what they bought us as well.  Thank you family!

We don't need much but are very grateful for what we have. No one said it better than Cassia though. When someone asked her what she got for Christmas, she replied"Well, I only really wanted two things but everyone gave me LOTS." She was grateful but she would have been happy with only two--- this pleased us to no end... parenting gone right for a change. For weeks, she spent time perusing the toy magazines asking for stuff but but by the next day forgot about it. So I ignored her... many times. She did eventually did settle on this and this so Santa did buy them for her--- on Black Friday when Disney had their sale of course. She got a few more items from my parents, friends and family but those are what she plays with more than anything else.... she knows what she asked for and that's what she plays with... makes sense right.

Anjali didn't get too much either--- it didn't' matter though as she really was more interested in the Itty Bitty Baby that Darin's mom got her more than anything else. She has good taste, what can I say? However, other than that, she loves the empty yogurt containers I keep in my plastics drawer more than anything else.

I hope in the year that follows my kids continue to focus, not on the presents but instead on the season.  On the time spent with family, the Christmas pjs they wear, all the decorating, baking and cooking we did, the singing Christmas carols and all the little traditions we've cultivated..... it is then only that they will understand the spirit of the season.

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