Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year Resolutions

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I'm less around here these days as the sunshine is beckoning me in sweet TNT but I thought I'd resurface for a post or two. I don't like to make too many new year resolutions. I think the more you make, the less likely it is to really stick to them. One or two work, but the more you have, the chances of fulfilling them are less…. like that one time my only resolution was to floss more, and I really did. Even up till now. #blogoversharing

But despite it all, I've managed to compile a few things on my resolution list that I thought I'd share today.

1- Get more plants in the house.

I love how plants instantly warm up a home and I have a couple fake ones around but the thing is, I suck at plant rearing. It's so bad. I kill lucky bamboos and I initially worried about raising children, the way I was bad at plant rearing. But I seem to do an okay job of raising my kids so I will give it a second chance. And my friend Dani has promised to give me a hand choosing them.. So we shall see!! I'd appreciate any tips/websites or resources my awesome blogging friends would have though.

2- Giving is Getting

I think empathy is one of the greatest traits we can teach our children and I find so many of us are so apathetic versus empathetic. I'd like to start taking C to volunteer at a charity. We'll start small, once a month for about an hour but I'm excited to do this with her!

3- Clean my basement

Our unfinished basement is the bane of my existence. My people know that I like a clean house so if you see my basement, we would not be friends anymore. It's downright messy and cluttered. I started this project last year and the minute I head back to Canada,  I will begin again. Okay, maybe not the minute but within the day week month of January! Who knows, I may persuade D to finish our basement if it's nice and clean. I could do with my very own office!

And of course there's always going back to clean eating. I work out like it's my job but ever so often I jump off fall off the wagon! So back on we will go. 

Have a great day, friends! We're off to the beach for a couple days.

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  1. I am the same way with plants! Someone gave me a bamboo and said you can not kill this and I did :) The basement is one of my goals too...it is awful! Happy New Year!

  2. I am also a plant killer, it's a problem. Thank goodness kids will cry when they need something, haha!
    Good luck!!

  3. Giving is getting, love this one SO much. We need to work on that around here.

    Have a great time at the beach.

  4. Great resolutions! Blessings to you in this new year!

  5. I need more plants in my house too. We actually don't have any besides the cacti in the kitchen.
    Enjoy the beach!! :)

  6. Giving really is getting....I always feel like I'm the one being blessed. We have gotten our kids involved with the local foodbank, we have participated in ringing the salvation army bell at Christmas which the kids love!

  7. Good luck on that basement!! I fear the day that happens at our house....

  8. I'm with you on the basement, it's HARD !!! Great list and best of luck in 2015... Found your site from the link up. Your blog design is adorable !

  9. Oooh! Good ones! I am raising my coffee mug and toasting to keeping resolutions this year! Good luck!

  10. Perfect. Simple, intentional, attainable. I love these!! I love the idea of working on your girls with giving. What a great resolution :)

  11. These are great ideas and I am with you, too much can make us disappointed if we don't reach them all. Plus these are realistic. I'm with you, can't keep plants going but I really want to. Maybe I should try again.


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