Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekly photos-- the baby it's cold edition

Good morning, Juno! Did you see all the snow in the Northeast? My parents flight got cancelled (one of thousands) and they are now grounded until Thursday. Hope everyone is warm and drinking lots of hot  stuff-- or red wine. Whatever rocks your boat. In Canada, it's way colder than it is in those parts but at least there's not too much snow around. Winter driving sucks!!

Day #12
Back to school. These kiddos weren't used to putting on their winter gear after their trip to the Caribbean so little A needed help. #bigsistersrock

Day #13
All the dry indoor heat also makes everyone thirsty. #glassisbiggerthan she is

Day #14
D's cousin gave her this head warmer for Christmas. I think she looks like the little match girl with it on. #homespunrocks

Day #15
A sneaked off and put these on. Apparently she missed seeing her toes. #imissseeingthemtoo

Day #16
Pizza making night. #cheesemonster

Day #17
Elsa party #2. Note the rapt attention on all the little faces.

Day #18
Enjoying a little midday snack. #toddlersnacksforthewin

Day #19
MY mom bought this outfit for her. #cracksmeup #originalgangsta #2Tshouldfitbynow

Day #20
Officially in out break status with the mighty bug.

Day #21
Picked up my parents in the airport and took them for masala dosa. #yummygoodness

Day #22
My birthday…. A blew a candle out after this. It was her half birthday after all :-)

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Stay safe and warm!


  1. Their faces in the Elsa picture are priceless!! I'm sure they loved her :)
    Thanks for sharing on Tues Talk!

  2. How much fun! I love these pictures...the glass, the reaction to Elsa :) So cute!!

  3. That first picture cracks me up!! Looks like a lot of work getting that winter gear on. And that pic of them snuggling and snacking on the couch is so sweet :)

  4. Adorable! Looks like a great week! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Talk!

  5. Always love seeing these photos! And happy birthday!


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