Friday, January 30, 2015

It's Friday!! Winter's still here

Happy Friday, friends! It's been busy around these. At this time of year (tax time), I do some part time work so the blogging gets to be a bit less frequent. And my parents just left yesterday so we were busy spending time with them also. I didn't want to miss yet another set of Friday fun though so I thought I'd post some warm stuff that's been keeping me sane this winter.

1- Blardigan Love

If there is a piece of clothing I wear every-single-day, it's my blardigan-- part blanket, part cardigan-all PTMT. It's a bit of an investment piece but it's light enough to wear all the time but warm enough to wear all the time. I got  for Christmas 2013 and probably wore it 350 days since then. That's mere cents per usage! Totally worth it, no? I've also bought it as presents for a couple people and they adore it too. My mom even travels with hers! If that isn't a testimonial, I don't know what is!

2- Thermal Jammies 

I'm not usually a pajama set person. Usually it's just the bottoms I buy with some sort of soft long sleeve tees (Gap mostly). But I bought this as a birthday present for myself last week and loooved it. So light and warm at the same time. The actual set is sold out but PJ Salvage is the brand.

3- Knee high socks

I've really been into knee high socks with my leggings these past couple years. They just add an extra oomph.  I've gotten a few but they are hard to find. Any recommendations?

4- Accessories

Love me my chunky accessories and I always wear them when I'm being fancy. However, for just the running around, these pieces that have been all the rage in the blogosphere are cute enough to add some moxie but light enough not to bother me too much.

5- March Break Fun

Ok, this ones really keeping me from sinking into a winter funk. We were debating taking a warm trip for March break but in between just having come back from Trinidad, the insane prices of tickets and just wanting to keep it local, we're going with some friends of ours for a couple nights at a resort a few hours away from us. So excited Should be a wonderful time!!

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  1. Those thermal pajamas make me want to snuggle on the couch with a good movie and hot chocolate!

  2. No lie those thermal jammies have been sitting in my checkout cart at Nordstrom forever! I want them so badly!!!!

  3. No lie those thermal jammies have been sitting in my checkout cart at Nordstrom forever! I want them so badly!!!!

  4. Thermal Jammies - Yes please! This is the PERFECT winter list - thank you for sharing :)

  5. Those jammies are so cute! I get so hot when I sleep though so it's pretty much a tank top & shorts at most for me.

  6. I keep hearing about those blardigans!! I may just have to finally get one! :)

  7. Blardigan?!?! Oh my goodness I need one so very, very badly. Off to see what I can find now :)!

  8. Love the title of your blog - though she is little, she is fierce! Reminds e of Tyra! Which reminds me of Keith Mr ANTM and my MCM :)

    I can never have too many knee high socks. Happy Friday!

  9. I don't think I can choose which is my favorite. I love them all!

  10. Love the cardigan!!! I am slightly obsessed with cardigans...always "chilly", and they are just a great way to layer. Wearing knee-high socks now too :) And the jewelry is gorgeous! xoxo

  11. Blardigan - I love that word! It's not that cold here, but I think I need one anyway :)


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