Monday, February 2, 2015

Last weekend in January! Hello February

I know that I'm sounding like a broken record but it's very, very cold… Someone told me once that people in colder temps talk about the weather way more than those in the warmer climates and that's me personified.

D and I began the weekend on Friday going to a cocktail party titled "Some Enchanted Evening". The martinis were refreshing, the oysters were freshly shucked and the evening was very adult. No sippy cups or disney princesses in sight. 

The master martini maker-- I had a pickled onion martini, my absolute favourite. 

Of course, after this, we headed with our friends to a bar- in the freezing cold, in heels no less- which surprising (to us) had live music. After a song or two, a few of us headed back to our house for even more drinks and pizza…. like we were teenagers at college… never mind that four out of the five of us had young kids to wake up to… and we eventually called it a night at 2 am.

On Saturday, Darin had a meeting in Toronto all day so it was all me with my kiddos. Let's just say they watched more tv than usual,  mama napped when the baby napped and totally phoned it in and got them Happy Meals. I did manage to take them skating and to a friend's house for tea and a play-date.

She's moved up a class. This one's 50 minutes long!

Horsing around while waiting on C

Yes, that's my kid attempting to flip in the trampoline

D came home with takeout Thai and we watched the Parenthood Finale. Poignant end to a wonderful show-- footnote, watching a show with an almost six year old with a million questions does not allow one to concentrate.

And then on Sunday we had our un-Superbowl get together- 'cause let's face it- the best part of Superbowl are the snacks and the half time show. D's cousins came over and we had some fun and some food.

(the preggo girl is having non alcoholic stuff- promise)
Cassia is also eating those wings 

And there you have it. Tons of snow to shovel and a snow day today but a great start to February!

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  1. I am so jealous of your winter weather. We've had no snow in our area and that makes me sad. A good cold snap would also help kill some of these germs lol.

  2. I totally believe that people up north (me included) talk about weather way more than people in the south!! Sounds like they had a great time on their play date!! Hope you have a great day! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. What a fun weekend! Sounds like you had a great night out to!

  4. Goes to the bar in heels when its freezing out- love it. So very Canadian of you!

  5. Fun!! Your whole weekend sounds like so much fun - particularly your Friday night. Adult nights are the best, although the next day always sucks lol. But it's worth it!!

  6. How exciting that she moved up a class! I miss skating so much.

  7. What a great weekend! You manage to have so much adult fun, even with two little ones. You'll have to let me in on your secret ;) Although truthfully Ez could prob out-party Joe and I, since we can barely keep our eyes open past 9 most nights.

  8. Your pictures are always s.o. much fun!!! I love that you had an "adult night"!! You need those every once in a while (although couldn't tell you the last time we had one!). And the ice skating looks simply amazing!! Have a beautiful week. xoxo


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