Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weeks 5 and 6- life lately

Apologies for the radio silence on this end. 3 out of 4 members of this family have been sick with the most awful flu/cold ever. Think extreme weakness, body chills, fever and dizziness combined with all the yuck cold symptoms as well. I've been almost flat on bed for the last couple days but thankfully with the help of some friends and my D, I'm on my way to some sort of recovery. 

In the meantime, here's what's been going on before I've been feeling like I was hit by some sort of oncoming vehicle. 

Day #34 Most great days begin with tea and a list.

Day #35
Love me some chow in the winter-time. Chow is a trinidadian dish- it's basically a spicy fruit cerviche and it's a great way to get that fruit in. 

Day #36
Our carpets were being cleaned so I took this little lady for a little lunch. She inhaled her quesadillas. 

And then off we went to the pharmacy to drop in some prescriptions.
She wanted me to buy these for her #noway #mamasnotcrazy #youhaveadozenoftheseathome

Day #37
My friend Jenn invited us to Chucky Cheese to spend her birthday with her an her family. However, I think some of the grown ups had a better time than the kids. 

Day #38
No pictures on this day as my sweet family V passed away

Day #39
Potty training has become a spectator sport apparently #noshamenofame

Day #40
Got those Monday morning blues

Day #41
A quick lunch with Dani and her girls. A wanted to hold the baby.

Day #42
No pictures again as it was the day of the funeral.

Day #43
Prepping V Day treats for everyone.

Day #44
Look what I found scribbled on the wall. Thank the Lord for Magic Erasers. And there was a time out that ensued!

Day #45
Valentine's morning. Daddy made breakfast and is being thanked by our monkeys and their Valentines monkeys.

Day #46
Yep, this happened. And yep, charged my phone after.

Day #47 
Family Day was spent with snuggles and snacks.

And there you have it. I feel like I have to play catch up with all of my favourite blogs and see what everyone has been up to.

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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  1. I discovered ink pen on our wall...I wonder if the magic erasers would work...?

  2. Sorry to hear your family has been down for the count. Sick is no fun.
    It's been super cold here as well!

  3. We pretty much spent Sunday and Monday inside too! Way too cold for little faces. We probably watched too much TV, but oh well!
    Stay warm, spring will come again!

  4. No apologies needed! We have had some colds/ear infections here too, which has definitely pulled me away! I hope everyone is feeling better. SUCH great the one about "Daddy making Valentine's Breakfast"...melts my heart <3 Keep feeling better, beautiful friend...this winter has been a brutal one for illness!

  5. Her face in that pharmacy photo...too funny! Those dozen at home need new friends ;) And bad placement, but great job with the handwriting, C!

    Hope everyone's feeling better.

  6. So sorry to hear y'all have been sick. Hope you fully recover soon friend.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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