Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favourites- my 2.5 year old

A couple weeks ago, on my half birthday, a little lady turned two and a half- she told everyone who would listen-- " it's my half butday". She actually still says this up to yesterday. This is the last year it would make sense to do this but here's a little bit about my favourite little toddler.


She is about 24-25 pounds, depending on the day, her clothes and how wet her diapers are
She is still in diapers- Size 3 or 4
Wearing 18-24 clothes though I'm slowly bringing out the 2T dresses and pants for the length
Sporting size 7 shoes

Likes and Dislikes:

Milk is her jam- she asks for it all the time. Sometimes she varies it and asks for warm milk or fresh milk (like I give her stale milk) but it's always milk-- the answer is often no as she gets milk twice a day but asks for it about 10 times. 
Her family--- especially her mama
Dolls and babies--- all those babies and dolls that C got and never really used is being put to good use. 
Pull ups- I bought pull ups a couple weeks ago for when she begins the potty training and needs to go. However, she is obsessed with the colours and look and always asks for them.
Her friends-- especially Raven, Elin and Brody. 
The cake baking app on the iPhone
Her kitchen- another gift for C that she uses way more
She is my foodie- this girl will try anything at least once. She will tell you if she likes it or not. And her jaw will clamp shut if she doesn't. Her favourites are chicken, eggs, cheese, potatoes, cucumbers, nuts and salads. Now she is asking for sugars or growmups-- both meaning candy.
My hair in a pony tail-- she really gets very mad and pulls the hair tie off my hair. 
Not getting milk


She's not a morning person and wakes up very cranky-- hence the warm milk. I seriously think she's be a caffeine girl when she grows up
Still sleeps in her crib- we intend to keep her there until a couple months from now when the crib finds a new home 
She has been saying "that's not fair to me." Wondering where she got that from, huh C?
Reads her potty training books all the time like they're works of fiction
Can't say L. It's the cutest thing. 
She chats about anything and everything. Her vocabulary is astounding! From words like octagon and ellipse to remembering the words in the Planet Song
She gets totally mad when I tell her that I love her more. As she apparently loves me more. 


And there you have it--- my baby is now is a toddler but will always, always be my baby. I will keep you posted on potty training…. happening very soon--- eek!

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  1. Our girls share some fun similarities. My favorite is that they are not morning people lol. Who knew that would start so early!

  2. What a doll and I love how she referred to it as her half butday!! Happy Friday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. She is absolutely beautiful and sounds like such a sweet girl!

  4. Your little lady is so adorable! Isn't it amazing to watch them grow and develop their little personalities?!? Have a great weekend :)

  5. Butday, bahaha!!! That is so cute. She is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. Better late than never ;) Great post, your daughter is not only adorable on the outside but the inside as well!


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