Monday, May 25, 2015

Let's talk hair

Happy Monday! I hope my American friends are enjoying some long weekend fun and R&R!

Let's talk hair…. more like favourite hair stuff. I should say that my hair over the years has changed. What used to be a more straight strand is now more of a wavy lock…. but not a good type of wave if you get what I mean. So now I've got to stop using my flat iron often and embrace the beachy wave- which I've yet to master fully--- my beachy waves oft' look like I just woke up. 

But easy is the name of the game in these parts and here are the products we love for an easy low maintenance mane. 

If you don't have a wet-brush or tangle teaser, I highly recommend getting one. Takes all the knots out of wet or dry hair painlessly. Very important with the ten and under crowd but I love it too!


I use Moroccan Oil while my hair is still damp to help with the dryness. I use it for my kids too.

 Before i do any kind of styling on my hair, I use this potion for protection. My hairdresser warned me about just using oil and then a heating product on my hair. It's basically like frying your hair-- which makes sense, no? This one is  pretty affordable and you get lots in the bottle.

Hot Rollers
I use these on my lazy days as it's super easy but looks like I spent loads of time curling my hair. I just let my hair air-dry and then haphazardly throw some of these in. After 5-10 minutes, I take them out and I'm done. Very, very easy.

Also if you're interested in all things hair, these are a few of my tips. One of my most read posts from last year. 

Can't wait to read about everyone else's hair products. Linking up with Andrea and  Erika  for Favourite Things. 



  1. Happy Memorial Day Sarita! I have the same type of hair that you do - it was stick straight until my early 40s then waves. How did that happen. The in between stage (go to bed with waves and wake up with straight or one half of my head wavy and the other half straight) was bizarre. I now love my waves. easier to care for. And I can shampoo a lot less. Have a good day.

  2. Great tips! I rarely do my hair these days, so ironically my hair is in better condition than ever since I'm not hear styling as often, but no one can tell cause it's usually up. #momlife I need to invest in some rollers, they seem fast and easy, which is the only type of products that get used around here.

  3. Ive heard great things about Wet brush! I guess I just have to buy it and try it out!

  4. Brushing hair is very dramatic in our house and always brings tears. I even have a special hair brush called the knot genie, but apparently it's magic isn't working. Thanks for the suggestions.

  5. I have heard all about those brushes but have yet to get one. I guess I really need to add it to my shopping list. But Emily's curly hair is such a handful. You can't even brush it when it is dry or else it turns into a giant poof, lol.

  6. I got a wet brush just recently for me and Aria. Love that thing, esp on Aria.


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