Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sweet Moments

For folks who are newer around here, I try to capture a picture a day for everyday. Here's what we've been up to these last couple weeks. 

Day #120
Sister snuggles. The stuff my dreams are made of.

Day #121
My friend Jenn and I headed out for girls night and ended it with a spanish coffee… Not the very best idea before midnight. 

Day #122
Daddy was at a conference and the kiddos had no school so we played and played and mama watched the episode of Greys' after McDreamy died and cried and cried.

Day #123
My kids can be a little crazy!!

Day #124
Aunty Ammie's birthday . Four days after she got the BEST present (a beautiful baby girl)

Mo (her husband) made kebabs at around 10 pm that night… it was a Sunday… they were spicy… we still had to drive about 40 minutes home…. Ammie was hugely pregnant. #notthebestidea

My six year old is a better gardener than I am. I might have over-watered her plant after this. 
(PS. she told me she wants to plant peonies. I was like sure until I found out that she wanted to do it so because peony is an edible flower. #everythingisnotabouteating)

Cinco de Mayo- we made a lovely fresh margarita for each of us.

The last day of Kindermusik for Cassia this year. I'm such a fan of this class. They make learning and reading music so much fun.

Dining al fresco--- finally!

I was waiting at my friend's house for her to come home and I took A across the street for some park time. Not the best idea as it was basically a park in a sandpit and A was filthy after and basically took her shoes off 10 times. 

That insane cake that probably cost more than my parties total :-)

Mother's Day XOXOXO

She likes to put on  her own shoes. Each foot  can take more than 5 minutes.

Daddy- the best hair stylist

D got me this for Mother's Day. #stellaanddotwin

Ladies night included this feast that the restaurant treated us with. That's right, treated us! 

We took my parents out to dinner when they came and A and I horsed around some

And there you have it. Sorry for the picture overload.

I can never figure out how to end these posts. Peace out, people! Like it's 1993 or something.

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  1. This is really great, I have been trying to take daily pictures and would like to make that my summer focus

  2. That picture of your girls hugging is adorable! But I have to say the one of them around the fire hydrant is great, that is childhood and being a Mom. Chaos and crazy! I try to snap a few pictures a day with my phone. Then once a month or so I bring out the big camera with crazy zoom features and take some non posed moments of my kids.

  3. Your girls are so cute. :) And that cake really is incredible! Oh my goodness, it probably cost more than my wedding cake.

  4. So many great photos and memories. My favorite is the first one with the girls hugging :)

  5. Wow, these photos sure bring out the girls personality!!!!😃😀😀
    Love the Mother's Day photo, the expressions, dresses and background .

  6. I love that you try to capture a photo a day thats genius! These photos are beautiful!

  7. Love all the pictures. Especially the sister snuggles.

    That cake looks AMAZING too. I can't even imagine having a cake that big, lol.


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