Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bubble Gum Excitement

My kids are officially obsessed with gum. We don't let the kids have gum too often. Well, A isn't allowed at all  since she's two(she gets another treat to tide her over) but C was introduced to gum when her dad took her skating on Saturdays. She thinks it is the best thing in the entire WORLD. She chews and ches and chews for hours. I don't get it. Even as a kid, I got sick of all the chewing especially when the gum lost its flavour. She is always asking for gum as a treat when we go to the store. 

Now, I don't let her get it ordinarily-- the regular gum is sugar free so I don't want her to get all that aspartame into her 6 year old body. And the gum with sugar has corn syrup in it so that's no bueno either. However, last Friday I did get her one as a treat. 

Then Dad grabbed a piece. Bubble blowing ensued. And then the giggles began.

Sheer joy!!

Pure captivation!

Can I touch it?

I'll pop it.

Bubble blowing is a skill that my six year old could not fully master despite her most valiant efforts. 

And more bubbles.

And popping and giggles!! The shrieks of laughter from popping these bubbles were INSANE!

So very much fun for less than $1.

(and guess who's officially the more fun parent now?!)

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  1. hahaha yay sometimes you just have to get the gum!! Aria loves to request that we pop bubbles for her. So funny to watch her just stare at your mouth lol. Whatever brings the giggles!

  2. Haha love it !!! We do gum @ our house too gets definitely interesting considering they are 2 and 5 !!! I know one day I'm gonna wake up and have it in my hair I cab feel it lol !!! Good for you on getting the gum. :)

  3. It's so funny to look at D and the two girls, it's now a girls/ boy, (male or whatever) world. Brings a smile to your face.

  4. Hehe! So cute. My girls HATE gum. Will not chew it. I find it extremely weird and a huge blessing all at the same time :).

  5. Ahhh I love this. Such cute and fun times. Gum is just one of those things we held off on too. Teaching them not to swallow it was our biggest challenge. gum is fun.


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