Friday, May 15, 2015

Fantastic Friday

Happy Friday, folks. Here are just a few things that have been making us happy around here.

Tacos and stuff

We have been on such a mexican kick lately. Something about the summer just screams tacos no? We had black bean burritos yesterday and I made a big batch of chicken tortilla soup that we've just been demolishing. Costco also has this seven bean dip that I need to buy this weekend when people come over so I don't eat it all by myself.

One Minute Rule

Now we've all heard about the five second rule but hear this one. I started the book The HAppiness Project a couple years ago but maybe it was my emotional state at the time of reading it (I just had baby #2), I just couldn't get into it. I started listening to Gretchen's podcasts though and she speaks about the one minute rule where if you can do something in one minute, just do it already. Helps you to just get yourself free from clutter, disorganisation and those little tasks. It's the earlies but been really working for me! Highly recommend!

Finale Week

It's here! Finale week is bittersweet! On the list to watch is Nashville, Scandal, Grey's and DWTS.

Mad Men

I'm  not ready to say good-bye to Donald Draper. Is anyone else watching the series finale Mad Men this Sunday. D and I started watching it a couple years ago and are totally hooked. We save it all up and then binge watch which is what we've been doing this week! I'm curious  scared excited to see how it all ends.

Stella & Dot

Check out my sweet stash D got me from S&D as part of my Mother's Day gift. I really wanted to silver necklace and the earrings but he threw in the statement piece as well…. He might just have better taste than I do!

It's a long weekend here! My parents are coming to town and we're celebrating D's birthday. Fri-yay indeed!

And  in case you want to see some sugar!

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  1. Happy Friday! Tacos are always a good idea. We made a fish taco this week that seriously we could still be licking the plate from. Recipe will be up next week if interested :) We will have to check out this one minute rule. We are always looking for ways to be clutter free. Have a great weekend! Winks and Eyerolls

  2. Happy Friday, Sarita! Love me some Mexican food too! YUM! These finales have sure had me on the edge of my seat!! I'm really hoping that Nashville's return this fall will have a twist to it. I don't want it to go the way they made it appear it was going to!! Scandal was just sooo full of crazy changes! I'm already looking forward to Monday for DWTS finals -- is it funny to anticipate a MONDAY just for a tv show though?! lol :) I adore your Mother's day gifts!! Such lovely pieces!! Have a great time celebrating this weekend, and enjoy the time spent with your parents! xo

  3. Ahhhhh! I love this. Tacos, yes, please. And the "one-minute" it!! Stella and Dot...can I tell you I have their web page open now (before I jumped on your site), to order a gift for someone...ADORE their jewelry!! I have missed reading...can't wait to catch up!! xoxo

  4. Happy Friday! Stopping by from the linkup. We're watching Mad Men, too. We've watched from the beginning. I'm not a big fan of this season, but I am excited to see how it ends!

  5. Mexican Food, Mad Men, and Stella & Dot - you speak my language! Happy Long Weekend!

  6. Love that statement necklace!!! S&D never fail.

  7. That statement necklace is very spring and summer like, the color is beautiful,


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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