Thursday, May 7, 2015

Life lately

Happy Thursday. A double dose of everyday pictures from the last couple weeks! 

Day #105
Day 2 of my juice cleanse. My last drink of the day is almond milk, cinnamon, dates, vanilla and sea salt. It was our absolute favourite! 

Day #106
Last day of my cleanse so I went for a manicure to take my mind off stuff. Apparently, I was so hungry I couldn't even take an in-focus pic-- hahah!

My old classmate Serena came to visit so we went out for an amazing Japanese/Thai meal

Daddy's away so Mommy painted toes and put on makeup for these little ladies. Mayhem ensued!

Aunty Ammie came to pick up the crib (A slept in it up to her nap that very day) and other stuff.

Day #110
This smile melts my heart

So does this one.

Silly girl. Right after A put this on, one of the other moms at music class told me to be careful about lice. I just about freaked out.

Cass got a pipecleaner craft set for her birthday and made a puppy

Anjali and Elin went for fro-yo. I might have snuck a bite or three.

Raven's birthday party, complete with dancing!!

Wonderland was wonderful!

There's such a thing as over-accessorising. Those bangles went over her elbow. Please take a moment to look at her socks as well!

This is how my two year old eats pears. They're organic kid. Eat it all!

A has been pretty good about sleeping in her big girl bed but there's what I found the other night? 

Have a great day, everyone. Don't fall off the bed.

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  1. Cute Cute girls! I love all the bangles!! lol!

  2. Cracking up at that last pic! Too cute!
    And I do the same thing -- pic of the new manicure! lol!
    Thanks for linking up today!

  3. They're organic kid, lol. Amen.

    Wonderland looks like a blast.

    Loving that wig.

    Your dinner out look like a blast. You all look so pretty!


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