Monday, May 4, 2015

Girl Mom Stuff Swap

Being a girl mom, so much fun. Girls rule the world no??  When I saw that Jess and Courtney were having a girl mom swap, I knew that I had to get in. The lovely Katie who writes over at Free Range Mama sent my girls a ton of stuff and they loved every.single.item. It's like she went into their minds and selected exactly what they were into-- maybe I should have her buy their birthday presents for me from now on! 

All week, my six year old begged me to open it ( I wanted to document everything of course)

It was a little like Christmas morning and opening their stockings.

There was a lot bit of a Frozen theme as

Sticker Albums
(with the requisite stickers of course)

Frozen hair bands

Worn immediately of course

 Frozen purses! Instantly worn too. 

Chalk for the those long summer months!!

Aren't these milk bottles so cute!

Bubbles that my two year old wanted to open instantly!

Sparkles for my shine obsessed crew!

C loved these erasers and can't wait to open them

As you can see, we were very happy with all of the loot. We had to go out right after and they instantly packed some of the stuff to take with them. 

Thanks so much, Katie. And to Jess and Courtney for organising.  There's something about seeing your kids open such a fun box that is totally awesome.

I sent our very colourful pacakge to Karen from Ramblings of an Otter Wifey 

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  1. Frozen was a big theme in these girl boxes! Can't go wrong with Frozen. Love the milk bottles! I saw those the other week.

  2. So fun!! I'm sure your girls will have a ball with their new goodies! :)

  3. I love those milk bottles, I almost bought some at the store the other day! So hard to resist, lol.

  4. Oh my she did so good. Frozen is definitely the way to most little girls hearts. My girls would have loved all of it too!

  5. Love box swaps! What a fun theme. And even though I rarely use pencils, I'm a little obsessed with those erasers. So cute!

  6. Frozen seems to be pretty popular still with all of the little girls lol. Thanks so much for my package, my girls seriously loved it so much!!


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