Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life of late

Slacker blogger here hasn't posted since the beginning of the month so I've got lots and lots to share!! Let's get this party started!!

Day #91
The Thursday before Easter and bunny ears were part of our ensemble for school
One of the Easter bunnies is apparently missing some teeth

Later that night the parents went out for some adult fun 

Day #93
The day A and Raven fought for the baby. They have tons of babies. Next time we'll bring more than one.

My friend Jenn threw an awesome brunch that lasted until after midnight for some

Easter dinner with Dani and fam

A has a potty accident in the gym and the only change of clothes I had on hand was this Cinderella costume. Disney saves the day!!

Out for brunch and sillies

I also got my first Canadian passport on this date.

#98 Kindermusik time

Too cool for breakfast

Day #100 
My little sweetie turns SIX

Day #101
Cassia's friend's birthday party. A different kind of musical chairs

The day we had 18 kids over for Cassia's Carnival

Day #103
Fancy Shmancy

Day #104
Talking to Grandma while cooking. She might be following someone's example. 

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  1. Your little bunnies were too cute!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. For real, girls in bunny ears are absolutely the cutest!

  3. Those girls are so cute! Love the too cool for breakfast pic! Thanks for linking up today :)

  4. Super cute, and fun photos. Isn't it a treasure that we get to hold our babies close? I am overwhelmed with gratitude this week.

  5. Your girls are adorable . Hugs to them and what a cute outfit for easter :)

  6. I have missed you!!! Hopefully, I can be back here-and-there just a bit. You and your girls are absolutely gorgeous <3 It looks like you had an amazing Easter!! xoxo

  7. Aaahhhh! Just love all of it. Missing front teeth, bunny ears, cinderella to the rescue and that headband, BAHA HA! I can relate SO much to your photos.


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