Friday, April 10, 2015


And we have a six year old in the house--- woot, woot!! Six years of snuggles, sweetness and smiles! Cassia, I'm so proud of the kid you're becoming. 

I'm loving your smarts,  your insane memory and your creativity. 

I love when you bust out a graceful move (accompanied by your sister who dances like Phoebe of Friends' fame runs) or break into song! 

I love when you dress up and dress your sister up too. 

You love yourself a celebration, a field trip, live for parties and make a really, really big deal out of everything and everyone. (yeah, you're all mine)

You are Miss Popularity- reason for EVERYONE you invited to your party RSVP'ing yes! (17 kids and 2 babies-- eeek!)

I (mostly) love your fashion sense and your adoration of all things jewelry, hair-bows and sparkly footwear!

But more than all of that, what I adore most of all is your kind, giving   heart and sweet, good spirit!

I borrowed this idea from Mix and Match Mama a few years ago and continue to do it on each birthday. Let's take a look at your year so far!

Here you are in April for your last birthday!

In May, we had our second dance recital. Our last ballet one for now too :-(

In June, we headed to Toronto with the grandparents!

In July, we had some serious fun at African Lion Safari!

At the American Girl store in NYC in August!

First Day of School and last day of Montessori in September!

We were Elsa for Halloween! Mommy had to let that one go :-)

In cold November, you wanted ice-cream

Christmas Baking in December

In January, we visited Trinidad and you held your first coconut!

Skating around in the big kid class in February.

And losing your two top teeth in March

And here we are on a regular Monday evening in April- all dressed up and no place to go.

                                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIG GIRL!!
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  1. Happy birthday Cass! April is an awesome m in to ;)

  2. Happy birthday Cass! Beautiful just like her Mom!

  3. Aww happy happy birthday to your sweet baby girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Happy Birthday Cass! Such a pretty girl!

  5. I love this tribute to your little girl! Happy Birthday Cassia :)

    Happy Saturday, Sarita! Hope your enjoying a restful weekend :)

  6. Aaahhh!!! Happy Birthday sweet girl. It is simply insane how quickly the birthdays come. She is beautiful.

  7. Happy Birthday C! I've said it before and I'll say it again, your girls are just adorable!

  8. AWW, look how much you have grown. Happy, happy birthday to a precious grandaughter, you are beautiful inside and out, stay as sweet as you are.

  9. Such a great idea to do this once a year! PS - love the old school strawberry shortcake in the last photo! Do they still make those?


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