Wednesday, September 10, 2014

An American girl kind of girl?

On the last day of our little Manhattan getaway, a little five year old made her way there to have some fun also... no, she didn't come by herself. My aunt Geeta brought her with the general intention of going to the American Girl store. 

Over the holidays, D's mom asked us if she could get Cassia an American Girl doll and Anjali an Itty Bitty Baby. Although we thought C was a bit young for it, we were grateful for the generosity and it also made both grandmother and child very happy. I put it up in her closet and C gets to play with it a couple times for the month. Then the other day, A got hold of it and it became her favourite thing in the entire world. Palace - that's the doll's name (I dunno, people)- was dragged around by her hair and lost her clothes a couple times. Let's just say, Palace was in need of just a little TLC.

We first started at Ellen's Stardusk's Cafe, a very cool 1950's themed diner filled with singing waiters. Apparently, there are lots of aspiring broadway actors there or those between jobs.... let's just say the quality of voices are superb! And the milkshakes were amazing as well! 

One of the waitstaff busting out in song!

Daddy and daughter

Can you believe he made a balloon Arielle? Tip-worthy, no?

A doll in Times Square 

We then headed to the Disney Store.... at the risk of me sounding like a totally uncool Mom, I've never been the biggest Disney fan (that's another post) but when in Rome Manhattan right? I do love Frozen though and surprise of surprises, Elsa was in stock! This is huge as any parent of a Disney obsessed daughter would know. Anna is always in stock but Elsa, not so much! This costume is very well designed and I know that unless something major happens, it's the Halloween costume of choice this year.

In the Princess Castle. 

And then we headed to the American Girl Doll Store, where even though I haven't drunk the Kool-Aid, I still got sucked in- haha!

I mean, look at the displays... appeals to the marketer, mom and little girl in me. 

What's not to love.

So I said no to the doll photo-shoot and the hair dresser (although girl friend could have used a blow-out after being in A's paws). I mean at $30 for a doll's hairstyle! I could use that money for a blow-out for myself! Truth be told though, C really didn't seem interested in either.  

We did say yes to tea though... but you apparently have to make reservations from a long time before but thankfully there was a cancellation so we got squeezed in. 

Palace is on the left but they gave palace a friend also to have tea with. 

I was very impressed by the lovely ambiance and delightful snacks. 

Down to dessert with the chocolate mousse pot. 

And here we are horsing around in the subway station!

I must say, despite myself, we had a lovely time at the American Girl Store and we will return some time in the future. It's a fun little mother daughter experience and I think that as she gets older, she will love it and begin to appreciate it even more. We did  get Palace a violin (thanks Aunt G) like her owner, and I got C and Palace matching outfits, I'm not a scrooge after all :-) 

That being said, Palace is back to her respective palace in her closet, out of the grubby tiny hands of my little A. 

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  1. I want to my baby girl little but posts like this help me to look forward to the years to come :)

  2. I was a fan of American Girl as a kid. .. granted there were only a few dolls back then! My best friend and American Girl doll buddy already bought one for Hallie for when she's bigger! We have an AG store here in Dallas and I expect many trips

  3. This looks like you had a fantastic time! Your girls are beautiful.

  4. My kids loved going to Disney store. So fun. Lot's of nice pictures that you are sharing.

  5. Wow, I'm totally impressed by that Ariel balloon!!!!

  6. LOVED the American Girl series when I was a kid! This sounds like the perfect daughter date day. But yeah, $30 for a doll blowout?? Crazy!! Good call skipping that one ;)

  7. What a perfectly fun day! A little girl's dream!

  8. I've see the American Dolls before but I didn't realize it was such big thing. Hairstyles and tea, wow, looks like you guys had lots of fun!

  9. WOW! My bank account is lucky I had a boy and not a girl! I wouldn't be able to resist the American Girl dolls!


  10. WOW! My bank account is lucky I had a boy and not a girl! I wouldn't be able to resist the American Girl dolls!



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