Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Everyday Life Photos- Week 36 and 37

Who's ready for the weekend?! We have three more days left til' then but before than I will entertain you with a plethora of everyday life pictures-- you're welcome ;-)

By the way, for any new readers, I'm documenting our everyday life for 2014 to capture all the little stuff!

Day # 247
Because sometimes the only thing that keeps a toddler at bay at the bank is a handful of cheese puffs!

Day #248
I love my baby's feet so much so, this one time I wrote a whole blog post on it. Really!

Day #249
The daddies went golfing so the mamas and kids had some treats and wine :-)

Day #250
At the rental house with these two!

Check the view out! 

 Day #251
Blue Ice Cream--- so natural and healthy, right?! 

Day #252
Both girls were the first in their class to have Show and Tell and they both took their babies

Day #253
This might have been from the day before since mama sometimes forgets to take everyday life pics but nevertheless, it was the perfect day for a bike ride-- with training wheels of course.

Day #254
Colouring is often the past time of choice in this house. Since A has discovered crayons, I find them

Day #255 
Because sometimes sisters need snuggles... especially in their jammies. 

Day #256
Cass did some trial mini jazz funk classes. She ended up going with mini acro instead making my Wednesdays even more insane.

 Day #257
We took the girls for a very long walk to get some ice-cream. 

Day #258
J & A sitting in a tree.....

Day #259
I caught up with my friend Petal after more than a year #shameful. Hopefully we're seeing each other this weekend too for some more kiddo fun!

Day #260
We took D's dad out for dinner and boy did he enjoy it. We don't cook that much meat at home anymore and I guess he must have missed it as he cleaned out his entire plate of prime rib! And he's such a small eater too!

Day #261
Is there anything better than a clean closet

 Linking up with Jess and Ashley for It's The Little Things as there's nothing so little as everyday photos! 

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  1. I really think it should be Friday!! SLOW Week! PS love those piggy toes!

  2. Your girls are so cute! From one girl Mama to another... isn't it FUN?!

  3. Such adorable girls! And what Candace said...being mama to girls is fun and wonderful and everything else!

  4. The Snuggles melt ones heart, raincoat and boots are uniquely matching, see the American dolls came in handy and I am sure it was a hit.

  5. Love all of the days documented! You guys are the sweetest :-)


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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