Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye summer and hello new blog name?!

According to the internet, summer officially ends on September 22nd at 3:44 pm. We had so much fun this year! We did well with our bucket list that I did for us in June. I feel quite accomplished as a parent/cool mom. Take a look....

We didn't do a couple of things. Time totally ran out to visit an Ontario beach. Also, I decided against doing a summer camp for Cassia as I figured she had the rest of her life to do summer camps and this was just going to be a summer of fun. We went to a zoo but totally missed going to the petting part of the zoo. We didn't do family game night because we have fall and winter to complete that one... oh, and we didn't BBQ. We had lots of BBQ but D didn't get around to setting up his brand spanking new grill in the backyard--  say what?! At least it will last another year, right? 

In the meanwhile, I leave you with just a few pics to capture our sweet summer memories. 

The best gift of the entire summer--- my sweet nephew Liam. 

Pool time

Some QT with D

Our day trip to Niagara

Just so much silly fun outdoors!

We will definitely miss you, summer... especially in February! 

Also, have you noticed the new look of my blog?  First of all, my blog is changing its name from 'it's a girl's world' to 'it's my girls' world.' Not that I think it's only my girls' world, other mothers of daughters!  I just couldn't afford the $3000 domain name- no thank you! So instead, for a cool $20, I purchased I'm changing the look as well. It is still a work in progress but I'm getting there! However, those cute faces on the front page will be gone soon- sorry Mom! Hopefully by the end of the week, I'll have it all sorted out- that's the intention anyways! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

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  1. What a sweet summer. I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog!

  2. Please don't remove their beautiful photographs, really enjoyed the summer with you guys, in case I haven't thank you enough, thank you, thank you, for such wonderful grand daughters

  3. Even though you didn't get to finish everything on your bucket list, it sounds like an incredible summer! And I really need to purchase a domain... I've been saying this for a few years now. Lol! Thanks for linking up!

  4. What great memories! Time to make some Fall ones now!

  5. Love your blog and will continue to tune in, no matter what the changes! Happy Fall!

  6. Great job with the bucket list! You guys did so much fun stuff. I've always wanted to check out Niagara Falls. Does it live up to the hype?

  7. Darn I missed the end of summer by 20 minutes. I feel so lazy being inside lol!

    Looks like you did have a terrific season. So much cuteness with the little ones :)

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  8. Love the new look of your blog!!


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