Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The first day of school

 I thought this would be me but I hung in there... a bit sad but I'm pleased to report there were no tears.

Yesterday was the first day of school and guess what? Both girls are now going to the Montessori in our area. C is now in senior kindergarten and A started their 1/2 day toddler program. I hyped A up for the last week so she was so excited to go to C's school. Here are a few very amateur pics... we were in a hurry so I didn't make them pose too much.

A was obsessed with this backpack--- obsessed, I tell ya' 

And that made Miss Poser want to take a backpack pic also.

Some sister love. 

The three musketeers en route--- Sidenote, I wore a sweatshirt to school over my workout gear. 

I took some pics by the school but because of the internet crazies will not be posting. 

A's little cubby!

And then I was gone! I dropped C off in her class and then I took A to her class. She saw Joshua ( her friend from Kindermusik and playdates) and yelled out his name and then she was gone. 

Here she is saying goodbye to said Joshua when I went to pick her up. 

In the car on our way out, she told me that she had fun.
And then as it was a special occasion, her Aja and I took her to Cora's for lunch. 

And then A came home and had a two hour nap-- school is hard work after all!

Definite milestone, no? I am so proud and she had such a wonderful first day. 
I feel like a little catch up post for A is necessary as I haven't done that in a while... I need to do C too (soon). 

her mama
juice (she is juice cray so I don't keep it in the house)
 goldfish (the snack not the actual fish)
 nectarines (which she calls peaches)
The Wiggles (she will watch it incessantly)
her babies and Dora

Things in her hair-- seriously, the prettier the bow, the worse it is and she will pull it out along with a few strands of hair

 Her mama bustling about too diligently. I don't know if she feels like I am about to leave her or if she just feels left out, but she gets very upset and will cry with real tears.

Quotes/Cute Stuff
Her curiosity with emotions. She loves to ask people if they're happy.... and it goes like this "Mommy, you happy?" "Good, I happy too!" Other emotions include 'sad' and 'shy'.

She loves a good time out and will happily trudge to the time out chair for a few minutes, chatting to herself while sitting. She also loves to give a time out, either to her sister or her mama.

She calls herself Angy--- sort of like tangy but without the 't'

She loves to sing and girlfriend can already carry a tune! Her favourites are Patticake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle and her ABC's (she might leave out like 10 of the 26 letters though)

Still not potty-trained. She can definitely do it and has done it before but just refuses to.

She speaks in full sentences leaving out a word or two (e.g. 'I happy now.' 'I right back') but I understand her--- and usually translate for everyone else. 

And there you have it! My baby is growing up and my heart couldn't be fuller.

Here's to a great year!!

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  1. Could they be any cuter? Love the picture of A hugging her little friend! What a sweetheart!

  2. That's great that you were able to capture these memories. My three-year old is starting preschool for two mornings a week on Tuesday. My older guy was supposed to start Kindergarten but the teachers are on strike so now we have an extended summer before he starts school everyday for the next 13 years!

  3. OMG they are ADORABLE!!! What cuties!

  4. My God, can they be more perfect, they look like two perfect angels and very well behaved, they look super adorable. (That's from a grandmother's point of view) but it is all true


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