Thursday, September 25, 2014

Please say thank you

The other day C said  "Thank you mommy for getting this jacket for me. "

It is a pretty nice jacket-- even though slightly over-matched here... No wonder she's grateful!

I filled my heart in so many ways. This is the not the first time that she's done this. She is always saying very sweet and thoughtful things that warms this momma's heart. Like when she thanked me for throwing a birthday party for her or for making pasta for dinner (as this picky eater seriously does not fancy about 80% of the things that I cook!) Now I see A picking it up as well and saying please and thank you quite often too!

Please and thank you are my favourite words. I use them frequently and meaningfully. I put a lot of thought into the things that I do for my family and friends and though I don't do it for the thanks, I love getting a phonecall, text or email saying thank you.

Research has indicated that the more thankful you are as an adult, the better your life satisfaction, your personal relationships and overall well-being. Gratefulness and gratitude are two lessons I want to teach my kids in this world of entitlement, expectation and un-appreciation. (is that even a word?)

We're not parenting experts, we're just parents but here are three ways we try to encourage thankfulness in this house.

Model and teach through example

Kids learn through example more than anything else. We say thanks to them when they do something for us like setting the table or picking up their toys. The adults also work gratitude into our daily lives in our interactions with each other and the kids hear that as well. 

When she forgets remind her

This might seem like nagging. Or it actually might be nagging. However, I sometimes have to remind my children to say please or thank you and I don't have a problem doing that. I nag about other things, why not about this? :-)

Teaching them Empathy

THis one is for the older kids-- I would say over five.  I always try to make Cass put herself in someone else's shoes. I ask her how she would feel if she does something nice for someone and they don't appreciate it or say thank you. I use real names of friends and family because at her age they're so literal.Also, my kids are beginning to have chores and by having them help do things, they realise that  everything doesn't always come easily to them and parents (and teachers) work hard to get things done. 

PS. Ever wonder how grateful you are? Click here to take this gratitude quiz. 

We may not only have wonderful moments, but this kid is mine and I'm so proud of her. #mommywin.

Have a thankful day everyone.

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  1. I love this! My 17 month old says thank you every time someone gives her something or she gives something to someone else. While I know she doesn't really understand, it still melts my heart. I work in the public school system and it grieves me to see so many "entitled" child and parent attitudes. I don't want that for my child. Great post!

  2. Good job, there's nothing like discipline from the parents and respect from the kids

  3. I totally agree in the importance of saying please and thank you. I'm one of those nagging moms about it but it's important. When they do say on their own, it's a lovely feeling :) p.s. I like the changes on your blog,looks great!

  4. I love this. We have taught our girls at a very young age. Our youngest just turned 19 months, and she has been saying it as some of her first words. I think those are some very powerful words, along with "I'm sorry." It also melts my heart when my first graders use these words, and I make it a point to highlight when they do. Then, it's a domino affect...great post :)

  5. Hi,

    Wonderful advice. I too am a strong advocate for the please and thank you's. They'll not only learn because they are taught to but also when they observe it themselves in the people around them.



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