Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labour Day Weekend into no-spend september!

It is the first day of school and sweet A will be starting her morning classes at C's school. I could curl up a corner bawling my eyes out (which I'm probably going to do anyways) but instead, I'll just talk about the great weekend we had. The last unofficial weekend of summer.  We had friends popping in and out, my father in law came to visit from Trinidad for, we went to the Ex for the day in Toronto, made smores,  had a back to school dinner and of course loads of laundry and organising for school coming up.

Here are just a few of my favourite shots.

Check out Anna and Elsa. That's not Anjali but rather Nadia, C's friend. 

The farmer's market is so much fun for this little one-- up to a point, then she begins to whine and I want to sell her in return for a peach pie. #kiddingsorta

We also did some errands and a target/mall run. I have this very same picture from last year. My baby is such a big girl. 

I caved and bought my slightly less decadent version of a PSL. 

Outdoor time was also a must this weekend. 

Aja read the girls a story when he first came-- and then they discovered his iPad and story time became a whole new thing. 

The CNE on Sunday, so much to do... we barely scratched the surface. My friend Amra organised it and we had such a wonderful time.

These kids are a handful!

Anjali finds a phone everywhere.

On the carousel.

I can't imagine these two as teens.

I am greasy for days in this pic. 
Check out the churros. #worththecalories #detox from Tuesday! 

Pizza for dinner. 

And then on Monday, amidst all the mayhem, the cleaning, laundry and organising, we did a back to school dinner.... complete with champagne and s'mores.... but indoor s'mores of course, cause this mama was a little tired! 

So September is also no-spend September. Let's just say, August was a fun month with more than enough $$$ being spent. There was some back to school shopping for the girls, some NYC shopping  and all the Manhattan stuff that we did. I feel that September is a time for me to take stock of what we have . I mean that literally... like clean out the girls closets, get stuff from the basement, pack summer stuff away and just organise all our crap!

So, as with a couple of other bloggers out there, no spending for me, the house, or no luxury spending for the girls this month. There are exceptions of course to the rule. There will be food- dining in and out...here will be entertainment for the kids also....  If the kiddos need something (like splash-pants), I'll buy it. But nothing for me material... unless it's like an emergency or something, like cold meds. But I just want to reign it in for a month or so... that isn't to say that I didn't do some last minute Labour Day shopping... I'm kind of a sucker for a sale. and I may also have a problem.

I'm so sad to see school start back. Even when I didn't have kids or wasn't a student myself, I've always been a little down the weekend before school starts. Before, it was just because of the wonderful summers we had as kids, a break from the schedules and a time to just have fun. As a parent though, yes I look forward to getting a lot of stuff done in the house these next couple months but I will miss my girls. I will miss the lazy mornings, all the outdoor time, the conversations and the cuteness! 

Happy September everyone!!

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  1. You reiterated how much I need to De - clutter and organize. This starts week 3 of school and I always regret not doing more of that over the summer.

  2. You reiterated how much I need to De - clutter and organize. This starts week 3 of school and I always regret not doing more of that over the summer.

  3. Great pictures! And now you have me wanting to de clutter the entire house!

  4. We need to do the no-spend September too!! And I MUST try the indoor s'mores - so fun!!

  5. what a perfect end to the summer with your kids!! Pizza and smores - my kind of dinner and dessert!

  6. Your weekend looks great {And so does that polka dot top - love!} Good luck with no spend September!

  7. Good job Darin and Sarita, every one in this family is sooooo proud of Both of you, keep up the good work, well done.


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