Monday, September 8, 2014

Everyday life- week 33 and 34

Another Monday! This weekend was full of R&R, a girl's night out, Mexican takeout, errands, chores, a trip to the Farmer's Market and ended with a nice dinner out with D's dad. The degrees are dropping though but the sun is still out! 

I haven't posted my everyday life photos in a while so I thought I would play catch up. For newer readers, I try to take a picture at least once a day to capture our daily lives and activities and posted every couple weeks. 

Day #332
Still in NYC. The day that I got suckered into taking my kid to the American Girl Store. More on this another time :-)

Day #333
We took a very long walk in a beautiful park to get to a play area for the kids... when we weren't allowed into one area, we headed to another one.... and it was looong for these little ones. Here is my aunt with Cass taking a break. 

Day #334
Happy Birthday Aunty Vee-Dee-- as A calls her... We had impromptu cake (and some amazing home cooked food) that day. This was our last full day in NYC so we filled it with packing, shopping (me), pottery (my mom and Cass) and loads of family time!

Day #335 
En route to Canada-- stuffing our faces--- as per the course on road trips, no? Especially ten hour road trips. 

Day #336
 Corn=happy toddler!

Day # 337.
BAck to clean eating-- here's A with a stuffed mushroom, salmon and quinoa

Day #338
Lazy little moments like these make me so happy that I'm not in the corporate world anymore and I was able to spend all summer with the girls. 

Day #339
Orientation for school. A was all like--- this is too simple, give me some challenge people!

DAy #340
Because I am a super cool mom, my girls and I had a make-up party! They loved it but don't get any ideas, other family members--- it was a one time deal!

Day #341
Elsa and Anna played for a bit.

Day #342
Aja came to visit!

Day #343
Here we are at the CNE. Such a fun day before school started.

Day #344
Because indoor s'mores are the best way to end the summer vacation!

Day #345
My baby (and her backpack)--- begins school!

Day #346
These silly moments crack me up!

Have a wonderful Monday, all!!! This week is filled on my end with continuing my total re-org of the girls' closets and room. Jealous much? 

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  1. Love all of your pictures! What a neat idea! And I am totally making those indoor S'mores! I kinda have a S'more obsession!

  2. The American girl dolls pic is too cute!!! And I hear you on the closet re-org ... both my kids have so many clothes in theirs that don't fit anymore but I just haven't been motivated to clean them out!


  3. What a great idea! This way you have a memory of every single day, love it.

  4. Indoor smores...never thought of that - gonna have to give it a try! #momisverycoolindeed :)

  5. Your sweet girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It looks like you have had so much fun with them in the past few weeks!

    Thank you so much for joining our link up! I hope to see more of your posts in the future! :)

  6. Your daughters are gorgeous!! What fun ideas and things to be thankful for:) SO sweet!

  7. Can cas and Anjali look any cuter? They are two of a kind.


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