Thursday, April 2, 2020

Currently- April 2020

Who new that for this month's currently, we'd be living in bizarro land!In the meanwhile as we navigate through all this uncertainty and stillness, I'm linking up with Anne for a little Currently in April!

Sharing: all my time and space it seems like and I do like a bit of solitude and I get it usually during the weekday. These past few weeks, it seems like everyone is around always and though there are so many beautiful moments, I do crave some solitude. I've been going to bed later than usual to get that.

Writing: lists and more lists!! I do a list for the kiddos every am and for myself. I also do a weekly meal planning list, a running grocery list for when I do a bulk grocery online order and  a clean up the house list.

Wishing: that this Covid 19 scariness finishes sooner rather than later and people just listen and follow protocol and advice. 

Investigating: what I can do to make a certain soon to be eleven year old's birthday extra special next week. Any advice would be so appreciated!!

Buying: boy have my grocery patterns changed!!! I used to go about 2-4 times a week and now we waste nothing-- even the stalks of kale and cilantro get put into stuff!! I do a bulk grocery order every week or so now. This week after my bulk order (as I didn't get a lot of stuff), I did venture into a local grocer for the first time in weeks and it was so nerve wracking. The plan is to eat what we have, maybe use the local delivery service for fruits and veggies and not go anywhere for the next 10 plus days.  In the interim, we are eating a lot more complex carbs, less meat and more immunity building foods. At the end of this, I'd probably be able to wallpaper with lentils!!! 

And because we all need some smiles, here you go friends.... some Covid funnies.

Covid Knight - Imgflip

How many of you guys have more snacks in the house than before? 

Img 2013

10 COVID-19 Memes that will Bring a Smile to Your Face ...

Image may contain: 1 person, possible text that says 'Coronavirus looking at your Bath & Body Works hand- and-sanitizer made of 10% alcohol and 90% glitter.'

Image may contain: text

Stay safe and stay home, friends!!


  1. Same answer for sharing. I need my space! And for wishing too, of course. Gabbie's birthday was this week. She had a zoom with her friends and made a kahoot game on how well they knew her.

  2. I have been spending a lot of time alone in my bedroom at my crafting table during the day just so I can have some quiet time. I need that for my sanity.

  3. Grocery shopping here is a scary experience also! We are going once a week - hubby or I will go - and we are waiting for the online delivery to open up again - it was removed when people panic banned and overwhelmed it as they can't restock fast enough to supply the store shoppers and online ordering. crazy world!

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend :) We all stayed home and stayed safe, hope you did too.

    Away From Blue

  4. We just got an online delivery for next's crazy! But we have some local markets that have curbside delivery which we've done and Gary went and did a big haul that covered us for like 3 weeks so it's been okay. I hope you guys are staying safe! xo, Biana BlovedBoston


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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