Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My baby is two!!!

It was 12:10 am on a warm summer night (or I guess very early morning) when sweet Anjali entered this world. Life will never be the same. From the early quiet angelic baby to the squawky, spunky, sweet toddler, life is not boring with this kid. 

As I do for all the kid's birthdays, here's a look at her past year. 


Here we are in Malaysia last year for your first birthday in July.

We visited NYC for Uncle Din's wedding in August. You were a little star in the show. 

Apparently, you didn't enjoy apple picking in September

In October, you and your sister had a Halloween pajama party

sisters in November for Divali

And here's our family  in December

In January, you enjoyed some cake. My shirt did also.

February was a sad month for our family but you were happy with all the trini food you were getting.

March Break was so tiring for you girls

And in April you were a flower girl.

Tobago in May in a picture that just may be my favourite ever!

IN June on the last day of school with Cassia. 

And in July for your second birthday with your family (post coming very soon)

Happy, happy birthday, sweet Anjali. You are so special to us and make us laugh on a daily basis. We love you truly, madly and immensely and can't wait to continue to see you grow. 

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  1. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! I love that picture from Tobago - the lighting is perfect!!

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  3. Your girls are beautiful! Happy 2nd birthday to your daughter! :)



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