Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 26, half of Week 27 and a little weekend fun!

Happy Monday, all! Because of all the posts I had this past week, I didn't get to do my Everyday in 2014 posts so I thought I would include as many as I can as well as recap this weekend as well. Here we go!

Day #184
Getting our Thursday smoothie from our local health foodstore. I had the peanut butter cup (similar recipe found here). #obsessed

Day #185
Jahna's Sweet-Tea Party--- written about here

Day #186
First day of swimming for my little miss.... She LOVED it! 

Day #187
Picnicking in Ajax with our friends.

Day #188
Cass and I love to watch So You Think You Can Dance together or as she says "How You Think You Can Dance." Because of this, she's decided that she is a contemporary dancer and twirls the day away. 

Day #189
A hot jug mug cup of tea is a perfect start to the day. I love this Anthro monogrammed mug. It was my go to gift for teachers, family and friends this Christmas! I even bought  back up mugs for D and me in case ours broke (it has before)

Day #190
We had a playdate with Nadia and Jahna at the library and then their mom Suhki (a teacher) suggested that they'd had enough and we took them outside to fun around in the field and play with bubbles #bestideaever 

Day #191

This pic to be posted later as it's on D's phone. Cassia went to the police station with D and the policemen loved her. She got stickers, did activities and even got to sit in the police car. When you're 5, that's a huge deal... when you're in your twenties, it's a huge deal too but for other reasons!

And that brings us to this weekend.

Day #192. 
The kids had such a fun weekend. On Friday, on our way home from the gym, we ran into our friends Nadia, Sukhi and Jahna on their way to our local park. We had some midday fun and lunch at a local diner. Then in the evening, we picked up Mexican and went to a bigger park in our area for a picnic and for the kids to run around. It was so much fun! We ended the day with a little DQ. 

Day #193
My sweet sister in law is due any day now and sent this to me. Wish I was there.

Day #194
World Cup Finals. We went to some of our favourite people's home to watch the game. Guess who were rooting for? 

Yep, this is what happens when you tell them to pose.

We were not impressed with the win but thought Germany's strategy paid off. 

We hung out after for dinner and to play some soccer. And Andrea put a frog on D's head--- footnote... he is terrified of frogs.

All the kiddies. 

William is so kind to my girls. 

Summer is tiring!

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Have a great one!!

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