Friday, July 18, 2014

Hey Friday- A mishmash of what's going on

Happy Friday everyone! Just a hodge podge of some little things going on this week. 

I'm in full on party mode today. Anjali's second birthday is tomorrow and we are having a backyard bash--- I should say big backyard bash since it's more than twenty adults and about 13 or so kids who are  supposed to be coming. The lists are out today and we'll be so busy for the next 36 hours. I really, really hope that the weather schedule is accurate and it is sunny! More than that, I hope my kids feel better from the little cold that they have and enjoy the day. Look for a post-mortem when it's all done!

I made the switch from Google Plus comments to Blogger comments--- I have so many issues with Google + and so apparently does most of the internet. So now, family (I'm speaking to YOU parents, brothers and aunts- especially Geeta), it's super easy to make a comment. You just 
  • scroll to the end of the blog post (in the grey area) 
  • until you see the number of comments, 
  • you click on that
  • and then "jump to comments form"
  • choose your name OR be anonymous
  • and then leave a comment
Easy, easy!

We have some friends over from Trinidad visiting us for a bit. Roshni and Johann are very good friends of Darin who also became friends of mine and we see them each time we head back to tnt. As a side note, they were trying to take a nap after a very early morning flight, and my kids made so much noise. First of all, they began ringing the bell incessantly- Anjali's new favourite thing to do. Then they began to play music loudly. Then there were some loud tears.... #mylife #poorfriends

The Nordstrom super sale is on and I've made a couple purchases already! Not saying what though as  I've gotten stuff for my family and friends who read this blog. Pinterest told me to has been a wonderful  help- D may not think so though!

And because this new nephew of mine is so cute, I thought I would leave you with a few more shots of his scrunchy, sweet face.

The proud papa

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Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. Such cute little one! Thanks for stopping by today! :)

  2. A backyard bash sounds fun! How did it go?


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