Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sweet Sunshine

Ahhh, sunshine, it's nice to have you around! It's so nice to be able to go anywhere and everywhere without manoeuvring your car through the ice and snow and to also not be bundled up like this....

The sandals and sunscreen come out. The pedis are fresh (we hope).We get to wear our cute summer dresses and shorts (in some cases at the same time. Ahem, Cass). We can go to the park at any time and spend hours and hours there. Lots of BBQing and popsicles! 

We LOVE sunshine....

Here are just a few sunshine pics we've taken in the past few months. Also gives me a chance to share some old trinidad pictures...

Swings are a favourite around here....

This is when I tried to pick Trinidadian plums right off the tree.

This is how it's actually done

Some sister love. 

They're perched on trees here with major support from mom and dad. If you look closely enough, you can spot our fingers.

And of course in Tobago, on the deck by the water. 

And by the beach!!

And back in Canada, we get to do this in the summer.... never with shoes though!

Eating on the patio #awesomeness 

And teensy tiny summer sandals!!

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Enjoy the summer sunshine, everyone!

{and if you're in the mood for some other summer fun click here  (for our bucket list) or here}

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