Wednesday, July 30, 2014

More birthday fun

On Anjali's actual birthday last Tuesday, as a family, we just wanted to spend the day with her doing things that she would enjoy. D took the day off and we spent all day celebrating Anjali.

We started off the day with  chocolate chip pancakes and fruit for breakfast-- the special occasion breakfast in our house. 

Afterwards it was nap and then we got ready for a little lunch. 

Happy Meals = Happy Kids

Then we took her to an indoor playground to run around and play on the slides a bit.

(I was so sick that day but ploughed through it for my peeps)

This picture captures such joy!

I love these next three pics!! She loooves these big girl slides but still gets scared sometimes.

When they had enough, we headed out to do some blueberry picking. That was quite the adventure! I called a farm in the morning as I couldn't get the directions online.  They gave me very detailed directions. It was about half an hour away from our house so off we went. When we got to the town, we say signs 'PYO Blueberries'. It was still a ways away from the farm but we decided to give it a try and just followed all the signs which finally leaded us off road.... 

And then not to a farm but to a blueberry patch like you read about in the books... it was very cool--- no one there, just the honour system, some repellent in case there were bugs, some water to wash the berries, empty containers and a jar for the money! 

Im glad I busted out the good camera for these shots.

Our spoils-- we ate lots, made smoothies and I froze the rest for muffins. 

Afterwards we went home and chilled for a bit. I let her have a birthday treat and watch the iPad. Doesn't she look big here?

In the afternoon we headed to Milestones for some birthday food and fun. 
I usually like to get a small cake but I didn't get time but Milestones did give her a cronut as a birthday treat.

Happy Birthday, sweet baby girl!!! Welcome to the terrific twos. 

Linking up with Ashley once more 

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. Oh my goodness! What beautiful girls you have! Happy Birthday Anjali!!!

  2. Love those cute little dresses!

  3. Happy birthday Anjali, you are such a joy to be around

  4. What a great way to spend a birthday! Taking the day and just doing all the fave things. Love the blueberry picking. What a beautiful family!

  5. Love to see the two girls dress alike, they look unique.


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