Thursday, July 10, 2014

It really is a girl's world

Just some random thoughts for this wonderful Thursday.

1- Have you guys seen the new "Always" ad. The video highlights how we lose confidence through puberty and how  the phrase 'like a girl' takes on a more negative connotation as we get older. It then shows us how to truly 'run like a girl', 'throw like a girl' and 'fight like a girl'  and totally redefines the phrase' like a girl'. D found it and we've shown it to Cass. Now our favourite phrase is boys can do anything that girls can do. And the brand marketer in me is saying great job, P&G! 

2- Speaking of powerful girl ads, you have to check out the -Pantene #Sorrynotsorry ad. I spend so much time saying sorry, and I've noticed lots of my girlfriends doing this as well. How many times for the day do you say you're sorry.... and how many times do men say they're sorry. I'll be keeping my sorries in check these days and saying it when I truly mean it! 

3- And finally, who has seen the Verizon 'inspire her mind' ad exploring how we as parents and society can affect a young girls' esteem through how we speak to our daughters. Admittedly, I have told Cass not to get her dress dirty. I absolutely love the line 'tell them they're pretty brilliant instead of pretty.'I for one never tell my daughters they are beautiful (although I think they are) but instead I like to tell them that they are smart, and kind and it's important to be beautiful on the inside. Looks fade but a kind heart and strong moral code will lead them to great things through their life. 

I named this blog 'it's a girl's world' because I truly believe girls are powerful and can do anything boys can do (except maybe pee successfully standing up)! I want my daughters to grow up believing they can do anything and be anyone they want to be. I want them to shine in this world. 

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