Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Cold/Flu Tiny Prevention Tips

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'Tis the season! Not only for all the fun stuff but cold and flu season is upon us. Despite our most valiant efforts, we usually get a cold (or five between us) through this time of year. 

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As the kids get older and we get a bit wiser though, it's becoming less and less. Here are a few tips we use to prevent colds/flus around here:

1- Wash those hands.
The VERY first thing we do when we come in the house, is give our hands a good wash. Doesn't matter if it's from school/classes/the supermarket or just from a walk, we wash our hands. Also, I try to wash my hands before I leave the gym because of...

2- Watch those fingers
Those fingers, especially for the little ones, always rub eyes, go in the mouth or yep, even the nose! I always warn my kids not to put their hands on their face.... Also, see point #1.

3- Clean for viruses.
Those door handles, faucet pulls, chair edges and counter tops get a stronger dose of disinfection to try to control virus spread at this time of year.

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4- Eat and Sleep for Health.
Fruits and veggies for all the vitamins and antioxidants at this time of year. Smoothies for the win! Also, sleep to make sure the body is properly functioning is especially important. Apparently, exercise is also supposed to help. 

5- Echinacea and Golden Seal/Oil of Oregano
Someone already have a cold in the house? The rest of us take a little dose of either oil of oregano/echinacea. And of course, we try not to use their blankets, touch their utensils, play with their toys etc. And we all 

So these simple tips make a huge difference in our house. What are your favourite tips/tricks that work for you? 


  1. Yes to all these tips!! Lets keep everyone healthy! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I forgot to get a flu shot last year- gotta do it this year. Great list!

  3. So many good tips. I love my essential oils and chiropractor tips too :)

  4. I suck at de-germing. Thankfully we typically are pretty healthy but we definitely make sure to get our flu shots. Great tips!

  5. These are ALL great tips! Thanks for the reminders!!!

  6. Sure hope no one gets sick this year! Simon already had a random fever last week!

  7. YES to all of this! I wash my hands so much that they're constantly dry - ha! I'm such a germ-a-phob, and am paranoid of the dreaded stomach virus that likes to make it's rounds during the colder months. I can NOT wait until Serena gets out of the phase of putting everything in her mouth. Make it stop! Haha!
    Green Fashionista

  8. YESSSS girl! I am so paranoid to get sick, like WHO has time for that? Anytime someone gets sick at work, I'm like STAY AWAY! So far, we haven't gotten sick in our household and I am hoping it stays this way (also hoping I didn't just jinx myself!--eeek!)

    xo Lisa @ Mom Wife Design Life


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