Monday, October 15, 2018

A fun fall weekend!

Happy Monday, friends and random family members. Here's what we were up to on this unusually cold October weekend:

- Swimming for C on Friday followed by pizza (caulicrust for the adults), salad and a Bollywood movie at home. 

- Laundry, TV and chores on Saturday am.

- A  butter tart festival after lunch in Paris, Ontario with another family. Think lots and lots of butter tarts, food trucks, artisan crafts and fall fun. It was SO cold and SO crowded. We busted out our winter gear and three out of the four of us wore two layers. 

- Then, we went to a farm and to apple picking after. The kids had so much fun with the activities, we ran out of apple picking time so I let them walk through one lane and pick a couple.

- Headed to a tavern to dinner and to warm up.

- Tried a new vegan restaurant for lunch on Sunday with a friend and her family. It was delicious!

- Such a crisp fall day, so we went for a walk to the park  and some play after. 

- Visited our niece to drop off some stuff after before coming home for dinner and watching our new family obsession, sugar rush!

Vegan and so delicious!

See the little fairy house? 

Make your Monday marvelous!

Linking up with Biana for weekending!


  1. Such a beautiful fall weekend you guys had! Love your coat! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. I love fall festivals, too bad it was so cold though!

  3. Fun weekend. I love fall festivals, and it looks like you all had fun, despite it being really cold. :)


  4. Looks it was a wonderful fall weekend. I love your sunnies!!

  5. Great photos, love all the trees! The festival looks fun.

    Hope you enjoyed your Bollywood film. I like Bollywood as well. :)

  6. What an amazing weekend you all had, the coats looks warm and comfy, fall festivities are the best, but unfortunately it's getting too cold too fast!!!!!

  7. A buttertart festival??!!!! I need to start one of those here.


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