Thursday, October 18, 2018

Three things on Thursday

Yay for Thursday!!! Here's a little recap of what's going on all of us as I haven't done this in a while!


- Girlfriend's extra curricular for this year include twice weekend swimming, violin and piano from last year. She asked us to put her in martial arts so she is doing that twice a week also and an engineering coding class as well. Add that to her extra school work and it's a busy school year!

-  She is obsessed with scarves and often 'borrows' one of mine. Any idea where I can get fun girl scarves?

- C really doesn't like meat too much and feels bad for the animals and has asked if she can become vegetarian. But then she changes her mind! It's in her consciousness for sure though.


- This six year old has settled so nicely into Grade 1 at her big sister's school. C had a bit of a rough transition in Grade 1 so I'm amazed at how well A has settled in and made so many friends. Apart from her complaint that they don't do math too much, it's  good so far.

- This year's extra curricular for C has been gymnastics and music. She is obsessed with gymnastics and practises her cartwheels and all sorts of unsanctioned flips daily. We are very nervous.

- Little Miss Sass makes me take more deep breaths than anyone else in my life but maybe makes me laugh more than anyone else with her frank observations and anecdotes. Like she totally calls only children 'lonely children' and speaks about the existance of hair in your body when you are growing up... the conversations of first graders, I tell ya!!


- D has been in purge mode with his closet. Things that don't spark joy (Marie Kondo lovers would totally understand) are finding it's way into a very large donation pile. 

- As he is trying his best very successfully to kick sugar cravings, he is obsessed with Suzie's good fat bars. 

- 26 lbs down and looking good! 


- I got my eyebrows microbladed and as it's still less than 24 hours old, I know that it's a little hurt  (FOR 2 WEEKS) before the 'glory'! I'm SO nervous and I already have a little buyers' remorse! Apparently, it is common for the first two weeks.

- I'm also in purge mode and intend to sort out all my personal stuff this month. Last week was makeup, hair and toiletries. This week, it's all about beginning the closet. So much to do.

- We've been carb cycling (but with mostly clean carbs)  with vegetarian protein after going full on low carb for the longest while. My body seems to really love it after eating higher protein for the last few months. 

Have a wonderful day, lovelies!


  1. Can't wait to see your brows- I bet they'll be perfect for raising them at the sass...I feel like that's all I do these days.

  2. I like that scarf you're wearing. 2 weeks of eyebrow pain? I hope it stops hurting sooner! The girls have a lot going on, which is good!

  3. Love hearing what's new with you and your sweet family! Sounds like there's no shortage of activity, but so many great things going on!! My husband and I are thinking we'll start carb cycling in the new year to come. Glad that your body is loving it. :)

  4. I can't wait to see your eyebrows. I have been thinking of doing that but the pain scares me. My friend did it and said it was really painful. Hope you feel better soon. Two weeks of pain sounds like misery.

  5. Engineering coding class sounds so cool and so applicable to her future :) WOW! Vera just got a scarf for being a flower girl in a wedding and it was from Target!

  6. I bet your eyebrows will look fabulous!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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