Friday, October 5, 2018

Friday Favourites- Life Lately

Yay for Friday. I'm in NYC but here's a little life lately favourites for ya:

I chaperoned C's class for a First Nations exhibit at our local museum. I learnt so much. We were exposed to  their way of life, how much stereotypes are out there and even fit in some traditional First Nations dancing and hoop dancing.

This kiddo has been knocking it out of the park these days. She found $20 in school and she gave it to a teacher--- she could just have easily kept it but honesty prevailed. Also, we are quite pleased with how well she did in her provincial testing-- hard work DOES pay off, kids!

Took the kids for a cakepop and a little treat. 

Check out this cake from a party we went to the other day! 

This sweet boy turned two!

A jumped like it was her job!

We also headed to City Hall for a local Etsy display. So many beautiful treats.

We had a long overdue date night on Saturday at one of our favourite local joints, Gilt.

Yeah, life isn't dull that's for sure. 

So much yummy goodness! The chef is a master with different flavour combinations

Peanut butter and jelly wings--- SO good! 

Who needs toys when you have beans and a slight touch of OCD?

We headed to Port Credit with some friends the other day. It was so beautiful!

This was at John Darling Park.

 We headed to Port Credit for a Mexican dinner!

I have been craving these BBQ cauliflower tacos since we've had them.

And that's a little life lately! 

Make your weekend a good one, friends!
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  1. You guys have been having a ball and oh how you look so beautiful in that velvet!

  2. Your big girl looks so big in that one photo! Sounds like you've been having lots of fun lately.

  3. Your date night looks like you had some great food. I love all of the exploring at the park. Have so much fun in NYC! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  4. What a fun field trip! You looked absolutely gorgeous on your date night!!! Hope you have a great weekend - if you're bored, stop over my blog and say hello!


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