Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Update

Yes, I post about the girls' antics but I thought I would try to end most weeks with an update on all the little things we've been up to:

  1. Holy Snow-- Snow Day today!! The first major snow fall of the season. We're expecting to see 15-25 in this area. I'm keeping Cassia home from daycare and Anjali's music class was cancelled. Nice day to snuggle with my girls. We'll do crafts, watch a movie and maybe shovel some snow before Dad gets home. 
  2. Anjali started music class last week and she loves it! She did fall asleep mid-class though. Maybe she'll last longer next time. 
  3. We're trying to teach Cassia to entertain herself. These days, when she is not watching TV or on the iPad, she expects someone to play with her or entertain her all the time. Not working for this busy momma! I think many kids today are egocentric and expect to be entertained all the time. She has many toys, activities and books. She needs to use them.
  4. Yesterday I met a friend from work for lunch. Work is about 53 km away and I can't imagine what my commute will be like when I supposed to go back in July :-(
  5. Anjali is loving the jarred baby fruits way more than my homemade stuff. Maybe it's a texture thing. Either which way, as I love to make food for my babies and we don't eat a lot of processed stuff, I am not impressed. To be fair though, the fruit jars are organic and only contain fruit and water. 
  6. We are loving The Mindy Project these days. Very edgy comedy!
  7. This weekend is filled with activities- people coming over, us visiting friends, ice-skating and running errands. Hopefully the inclement weather doesn't impede us too much. 
  8. 12 pounds less than post pregnancy! Woo-hoo!
  9. Today seems like a baking day-- maybe we'll do muffins, brownies or cookies- haven't decided yet.
  10. Carnival in Trinidad this weekend. I hope that everyone has a fantastic but safe Carnival weekend. I can't wait to see all the FB pics on Wednesday!

Darin brought a lot of the stuff in from the garage so we can park 2 cars. Cassia is thrilled as she thinks she can ride her wagon indoors. Think again, sweetie!

The camera doesn't really capture the navy snowfall!

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