Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter un-blues

Ok, so I gripe about winter a lot I know... the cold, the driving, the hibernation.  Snow doesn't hold the magic for me that it once did. However,   there are some pretty cool things about the season that I love and should probably focus on- hey, YOLO is all the rage now.

  • As we are trapped indoors, we get to spend LOTS of together time as a family. Lots of movies, books, chats and meals.
  • Rosy winter cheeks
  • Red wine- nuff said... we went through most of these this winter. 
  • Snowy mornings when no one has work or school and we can curl up with toast and a steaming cup of tea (my all-time favourite breakfast)
  • Soups- I make a large batch once a week all through the fall and winter and many days, we have it for lunch. I usually rotate between chicken corn soup, hot and sour and butternut squash but ever so often I try something new. 
  • Winter scented candles like Vanilla Sugar and Cinnamon. 
  • Flannel pjs and toasty cardigans. And fleece sheets- someone in this house has likened it  to sleeping on a teddy bear. 
  • Award season- Grammys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild and Oscars-- I must admit though, now I prefer the opening monologues (great job Amy Poelar and Tina Fey!) to the fashions. 
  • My winter white coat that I pull out for special occasions. 
  • Money saved-- in the summer, lots spent on entertaining, hostess gifts and bi-weekly pedicures. (Ok, I'm grasping at straws with this one)
  • Winter break vacations.- T-minus 4 days to T&C
I'm a hat girl. 

Said Rosy Cheeks

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