Friday, February 1, 2013


It's cold!!! And not anticipated to get much warmer in the next couple weeks. As someone who just moved to Canada in her 20s, these winter months are a bit tough for me. Before moving here, I remember another immigrant from the Caribbean told me that there will be one winter day when you will be walking in the snow freezing your ass off and you will wonder why the hell you moved from the nice warm weather into the cold... and you will begin to cry.  It happened to me on the 21st January, 2005 when I in London, Ontario walking home from yoga class in -20 weather. Every single immigrant I have told this anecdote to has also said it has happened to them.

 These days I don't cry about the weather anymore although when I am working, my awful commute (50 minutes each way with traffic) can more than double. Driving in the snow is painful.... and scary! So yes, I am glad to be home now especially as its so hard to take a baby in a bucket car seat out. I've been strategizing on how to limit my errands or wait until Darin is home to do some and the only times I have to go out are to pick up Cassia from daycare.

Stay warm everyone--- unless you're in Trinidad. In that case, keep cool!

bundling up

View of the backyard-- snow is much more endearing when it does not to be shovelled.

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