Thursday, February 7, 2013

Passing the cookie test

Cassia loves her cookies-- well she just loves anything sugary. I could coat a sock in sugar and she would eat it. We always joke about her sweet tooth and how she would not pass the cookie test.

The cookie test was an experiment done over 40 years ago (using a marshmallow and I think they repeated it using a cookie). Kids were told given a treat and told they would get two treats  if they waited fifteen minutes. These kids were tracked down years later. It was found that those who delayed gratification still had higher will power and more life "success".

Yes, I know that that study has come under some scrutiny now, debates saying that it is questionable whether strategic reason  or self control determines the child's behaviour. Either which way, we baked fresh cookies yesterday and gave Cassia a warm one telling her if she waited five minutes (she is only three after all), she would get  two cookies instead. She decided she wanted two and she would wait. In that five minutes, she asked me about ten times if it was time yet and when I left the room, she licked her finger after poking the cookie. We were impressed she actually passed! This can only be good, right? She's destined to be the next  Sonia Sotomayor, no?!

That being said, Darin had trouble with waiting the five minutes for the cookie... and him being a physician, I think he is pretty successful!

Footnote: That experiment originated off one initially done in Trinidad!

At last go, she wants to be a fairy when she grows up!

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