Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A toddler's creativity

.... never fails to impress me. Today, C is home a little under the weather. She just has a cold but when she gets very congested, her asthma flares up. Thankfully, it has only acted up twice this season but when it does,  we keep her home so that she can rest up... besides she has to get ready for her Dance-athon on Valentine's Day!

Anyways, I digress... back to creativity! Here are some images from her day of creative play.

 First she was a bride (!?)... 

 Then we snuck some TV in... I needed to tidy up after breakfast

Then she held a concert where she sang and danced

Her attentive audience

Then she became a train driver

Of course we took a snack break for these amazing two ingredient banana oatmeal cookies

Then we resumed playing- this time it was "horse spa"! She is trying to put eye makeup (fake) on her pony. 

And as a bonus, the baby was very entertained!
Told you she made me laugh!

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