Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekly Update

  1. I've become one of those parents who is waiting in the car for their child to get up. As I type in the driver's seat parked in our garage, Anjali is in her car seat sleeping. Her nap this morning has been a bit interrupted so I want to make sure she gets some good rest in. 
  2. So busy getting ready for our trip. I've forgotten how hard it is to pack for a baby and two fashionistas. Cassia tries to help but is seriously in the way! 
  3. Only one week away from Energizer and already the offers are coming in to meet with head hunters and companies. I still don't have the desire to go back to the corporate world though. 
  4. Today was the first day that Anjali has lasted through the entire music class! She fell asleep in the waiting area right after though. 
  5. Cassia's new favourite shows are Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First. I don't mind either actually as they teach girls great values like empathy, kindness, responsibility and ambition.
  6. Happy 7 months, Anjali! Post to follow shortly. 
  7. Beware- Cassia now corrects people when they call her Cassie- she says to only call her Cassia as that is her real name. I already got burnt several times. 
  8. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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