Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day

Snow! Snow! Snow! We actually got 40 cm in this area. Let's just say certain toddlers got cooped up inside the house... we did Hair Salon, baked some brownies, watched a movie, crafted some Valentines cards, shovelled some snow and still at the end of the day,  we she was going a little stir crazy. Poor Darin had to go to work before six and got home after eight! I guess I prefer our day to his. Wouldn't want to be driving around in that weather!

The hairdresser (AKA Mommy) did my hair 

Even Anjali got in on the hairdressing action!

If only I would sit still enough for my mom to take a pic of me

Cass was hip deep in snow

Helping to shovel

Rosy cheeks

Shovelling is HARD work

A brownie for my efforts

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