Friday, February 15, 2013

Weekly Update

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's week! We've been busy.

  1. Big news! I am no longer with Energizer!  Don't feel sad for me. I am affected by it as it is a life adjustment but I'm very happy to be home with my girls after my mat leave is gone and it's the best case scenario for the entire family. I am currently deciding between a few business opportunities. 
  2. We had a great Valentine's Day filled with lots of chocolate... I just had a few more pieces. Yes,  I have a problem. 
  3. Cassia had a bit of a meltdown yesterday as her dad gave me a card but not her... we were like "But Cass, you can't read!"
  4. 13 lbs down post pregnancy! However, I may have gained 5 of those back because of yesterday's shenanigans. 
  5. Anjali and Cassia are becoming fast friends--- always wanted a sister and so happy my girls have each other.
  6. To Montessori or not to Montessori-- that is the question. We are currently researching the system and interviewing schools.
  7. We have dropped Anjali's dream feed and she is sleeping like a champ from about 7 to 7.  LOVE IT!!
  8. Family Day weekend this weekend- once again packed with errands, lessons, visits to our house and to other people's homes. Should be fun!
  9. Speaking of fun- only 9 more days to sunshine in Turks & Caicos-- with this cold weather, the sunshine will be very welcome.
Have a great weekend everyone! 

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