Thursday, February 21, 2013

Good times with great friends

We're so thankful for great friends in Canada, a place where we have such limited family. It's only appropriate that we spent most of our Family Day weekend with our friends as well as our family.  We had a lovely brunch with our cousins, a "pool party" and then friends over the next day for lunch. I didn't take many shots, but here are some of my  favourites.                        

Getting ready for our road trip. She is on her best behaviour  when getting ready to go out... as trinis would say "hot foot."

Brunch at Aunty Ammie and Uncle Mo's beautiful new home.  Cassia didn't waste any time  digging into the food. 

Loves her jewelry just like her mama. We didn't realise she was so decked out until she took off her coat. 

Proof that I was there too. 

Next stop- Jo's condo in Toronto. This girl can cook!!

Tired baby!
Pool time

Sweet Everett who came to lunch with his parents. 

The kids!

Arun looks good with a baby girl! 

Anjali and Everett- engagement shot perhaps?! We would get along with the  inlaws :-)

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