Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A sense of style

Today on Andrea's Show & Tell Tuesday, it's all about showing your personal style.  I'm a gal who loves to dress up but who also wants to be comfy now that I'm running around for most of the day. I like to look put together but I also don't want to be cranky because I can't walk in my heels to pick up my kids.  Here are just a few of my faves:

For about 9 out of the 12 months, I love me some leggings. (and I wear crop leggings in the summer) I like looking put together but I prefer legging to jeans as I find them more comfy. The ones from Hue with the wide waist-bands and the ponte ones from Lou and Grey are some of my faves.

I usually pair my leggings or skinny jeans (sometimes, Loft again for the win)  with some sort of tunic. Knit in the cooler months and cooler, thinner fabrics come spring. However it's that little extra like mixed fabric, a pattern or there or a layered look that I usually gravitate towards.  

Love  a cloth scarf to dress up/warm up an outfit. I lead towards patterns most times and whatever is on trend. 

Once again, easy pieces that I can wear for pick up, drop off and at home. 

In the summer, I love me some rompers for my adventures with the girls. 

These days I'm also into swing dresses! Oh and this one was a staple last year. I wore it so.many.times.

Dress me up style
Here's when I go to town more. In the cooler months, I wear a blazer and jeans or leather leggings and a detailed top. Come May, I bust out my summer dresses. And of course, there is always statement jewelry around. . And maybe, just maybe some heels!

Some S&D pieces that have caught my eye.

Style tips I usually follow:
1- I don't go crazy mixing and matching too many patterns. A couple mixes are fine but not like 5 different prints.
2- I don't over accessorize. I usually choose one or two statement pieces-- not three or four. 
3- As I tell my kids, it doesn't matter how fancy your clothes are, if your hair isn't combed or your face isn't washed, it's all a wash. I usually put on some sort of makeup and make sure my hair is at least combed. 
4- I don't always follow trends--- though I love cropped tops and minis,  it's just not working for me, two kids later. Just not happening. 

There you have it… Do we have anything in common? What are your favourites year round?

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  1. Clean and 2hatever id least wrinkled is currently my "style" lol. I've never had an eye for fashion and I could really benefit from someone doing a closet overhaul. I'm in desperate need of guidance lol. I do love the look of leggings and tunics. Maybe I'll brave them.

  2. YES to leggings and tunics! Now I want to change what I had put together for work today to be more comfy.

  3. You always look so cute and put together. I really wish I could find a romper that I felt worked for me but for some reason I always feel super awkward in them. Bummer because they are SO cute!

  4. Oh you picked out some great stuff! I've tried those bottom two tunics, but they never look right on me...boo! They are so cute. I need more tunics in my life. Everything you picked is perfect!

  5. Those tunics are pretty amazing - love the lavender one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. This sounds exactly like my post haha. Leggings, low key accessories and a long top.



  7. I like your comfortable outfit choices and rompers are probably great for adventures with kids...Now thinking about it a dress could just be a disaster. lol I love the KS necklace and have a similar one in silver.

  8. Hallelujah to leggings! And trends may be cute but no one needs to see my midriff lol. I wish I could do rompers but my long torso prevents such cuteness.

  9. I love tunics... And I don't like over accessorizing either!

  10. YES to all of this especially swing dresses, my fav right now :-D

  11. I'm all about leggings and tunics! So easy and comfortable to wear!

  12. I have similar stud earrings and I am obsessed with them, they go with everything!


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