Monday, November 6, 2017

TBB asks- Things you are thankful for.

I know technically our Canadian Thanksgiving is over-- but around here we like to foster an attitude of gratitude so this version of TBB asks is right up my alley. Here's a bit of thankfulness on this November Monday.

A new friend:
I don't make friends easily but when I do, they stay in my life for a long while :-). My neighbour, who collects eggs for me from the farm bi weekly and who calls me when I'm out of town for the weekend when my house alarm goes off (and sends her husband and another neighbour over to check the place)-- she's definitely a new friend and such a sweet, sweet soul.

Something shiny:
My car-- when it's clean. Not too often but when it is washed and detailed, boy is it shiny.

Someone unexpected:
My eight year old's teacher. This lady is on point, so buttoned down, totally gets the kids, makes learning fun but fosters respect within the class. I can't say enough good things about her. 

Something ordinary:
I love Farm Boy- this smaller farm fresh, natural or organic, artisanal grocery (with lots of samples) so close to C's school.

A person who you've known a very long time:
My cousin Chad who I've started to FT with my kids every weekend since his sister's wedding in July. Seriously, we haven't missed a week yet. In this time where we text so much, an almost face to face is awesome.

He visited for a bit last weekend and these two lego obsessed kids had the most fun.

Somewhere you go everyday:
The gym-- for my sake and sanity-- most weekdays anyways.

Someone who has taught you something:
For those of you following me on instagram, (and if you don't you totally should) you would see that my eight year old had her first mini meet. She did not place in the top three in any of the races and in the ones where she was racing against the taller, older kids was very much at the back of the pack... but at the end of the races with her ribbon, her little prize and the biggest smile on her face, she announced, "Mommy, I loved it.I didn't know the meet would be so much fun" #fullheartandstrongspirit. In the end, it's all about the fun, folks.

A far away place:
Trinidad and Tobago, where I was born and where I try to go back to ever so often.

Something that's saving your life right now:
Making lunches the day before. Mama gets way more creative when she isn't bleary eyed.

Someone you see everyday:
this sweet, sweet, sassy one who keeps me on my toes

Something you enjoy doing:
I did a couple hot yoga classes last week and really enjoyed them. Maybe I will try one or two more depending on the pricing in my gym

Someone female:
my framily, Priya who I 'chat' with almost daily. #chatmeaningtext #wehavefun

A special place:
my chair in the morning with a steaming cup of tea, my vitamins, a fuzzy blanket and my ipad to start the day before the house stirs. #happyplace

Someone male:
my D :-). So happy that we chose each other.

Something warm:
socks, mittens, cloth scarves, sweaters.... anything to stave off this cold.

Happy Monday, friends. May your week be rocking!


  1. Aww love that she had so much fun at the meet - you taught her well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Yes to lunches being prepped ahead of time, total game changer on our rushed mornings! And yay for an amazing teacher, such a pleasant surprise <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Love this! I'm always thankful for meeting new friends. And yes to lunch prepping the night before, so much easier! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I love that she went and had fun! So sweet! Lessons we learn from our kids. :) And what a cute picture of you and your husband!

  5. How was I not following you on insta??!! Sigh. Thanks for linking up with us

  6. Love this! Yay for great neighbors, our long time neighbor and good friend moved last weekend, wahh, hoping the new neighbors are nice. Yes to lunches the night before, alhtough my lunches are so boring and sometimes question if I feed my kid enough food, but everyday food still comes back home...

  7. That lunch!!! Wow, girl! Delish.
    FT and Skype and What's App rock for our family. So glad you are able to keep track of distant family. I had wondered where you were from...or your ancestry, I guess. So interesting to learn that you are from Trinidad and Tobago.
    Yay for your special chair. My loft is special but in my loft is my loveseat that snuggles me up in the early morning.


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