Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017 and currently

Happy November!

Hope everyone's Halloween was spooky, scary and sweet. Here's a recap of ours.

Pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes to start the fiesta off just right!

The huntress and a kitty cat. A wasn't allowed to wear costumes to school so I improvised a bit.

D was home so we slipped out for a quick lunch.

My friend Jenn made these awesome caramel apples for the girls but mama might have had some also.

After some pumpkin chili and a threat to cancel Halloween due to some misbehaviour from a certain eight year old, we took the mandatory pics and went on our way!

This red panda got into the role.... she was wearing pajamas and a jacket underneath.

And finally our stash for the night. Our neighbourhood is so generous and they look so forward to my kids coming to their homes.... books, flashlights, quarters and loads of candy

And now for some currently with Anne ....

Realizing: that life is short. The days are long but the years are so, so short. I posted this on FB yesterday and certainly realised that! Snuggle those babies, mamas.

Stirring: lots and lots of soups. Our favourites are Trinidadian corn soup, chicken tortilla vegetable soup, white turkey chili and butternut squash but we are always trying new recipes.

Appreciating: that we got a few late summer days in October as boy did the temps start dipping--- brrrrrrr.......

Investigating: how to set up affiliate links from Canada. The struggle is real, friends. Americans have way more options!! 

Following The Fashionable Hostess on Instagram and I'm obsessed.

May your November be a great one!!!


  1. LOVE the red panda costume... and of course Super Girl looked pretty super! Sounds like a pretty great Halloween. I think we have all had to make the threat to cancel the fun one year or another.

  2. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween (after the threat to cancel it of course!) and how awesome you got to have a nice lunch out with the hubby! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Look at all their candy!! Hope you snuck a few pieces! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. No kidding americans have way more. I use style collective and the only ones they don't have are Simons and the Bay..which is sadly where I get most of my stuff.

  5. Looks like they had a great day! And that picture of your sweet lady bug... so cute! They definitely grow up way to fast! :(

  6. Love the girls Halloween costumes! And oh my goodness look at that adorable throw back pic, I hear ya! I'm snuggling my baby as much as I possibly can because she's already technically a toddler and just wants to be on the go all the time. Time needs to slooooow down <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Your girls looked adorable. Glad they had a good Halloween and seems like they scored some serious chocolate loot. SO MUCH CANDY! love it.

  8. Aw, your kids are too cute - I like the school "costumes" and their actual Halloween costumes. Your neighborhood sounds awesome; love that they got a book!


  9. So fun that you're in Canada! I don't think I know many Canadian bloggers (which you mentioned in the thing about wishing for easier affiliate links for Canada bloggers). :) And it looks like it was a fun Halloween for your fam!

  10. Nothing like looking back at previous Halloween costumes to make you realize how fast kids are growing up, right?! And I'm feeling the same about appreciating a bit of nice October weather - around here the first couple of snowflakes arrived just in time for Halloween, and I'm not ready for winter! Thanks for linking up :)

  11. This morning I threatened to take away all the candy, seriously what is with these kiddos?!? I love the costume changes ;)

  12. I'm in the thick of toddler land and an 18 month sleep regression, so I appreciate your reminder to enjoy these days. Time really does fly!

    Also, you make me want to expand my soup recipes!


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