Thursday, November 30, 2017

The best christmas party games

With the holiday season fast approaching,  today is all about those party games. I love to have two or three party games at a party just to encourage the fun, some giggles and competition. They are most popular especially with my ladies' night in.

Christmas charades:

I have someone else (in my case usually, D) come up with the charades and hide them in a bag. Divide your team and try to act it out... also, good luck doing Good King Wenceslas

 Tree Paper Plate Game: 

 This blind paper plate game is so funny. Paper plates on top of heads and budding artists. Hilarity ensues. Also, I find those who have less wine at the party, generally tend to win this game. Here are some more details

Christmas  A- Z

From A-Z, make a list of Christmas carols, cookies, gifts or just anything related to Christmas in two teams. The team who gets the most in 3 minutes wins. 

Guess Who?

When everyone comes in they write something Christmas related about themselves and put it in a Christmas bag. When the host reads out the 'clues', everyone has to number and write on a piece of paper who they think the person is. At the end, the person with the most right, wins. 

Pass the Parcel

Just like the kid version, but with an adult prize instead.

And for prizes, I usually keep it simple, maybe a candle, some handmade soaps or a Christmas trinket.

What are your favourite party games to play?


  1. The tree paper plate game sounds so fun and probably hilarious especially with wine involved!

  2. I havent played charades in forever!

    That paper plate game sounds really fun!

  3. These sound like so much fun! I haven't played any good games in awhile but it's always great to get some laughs in and feel like a kid again. Sierra ~ Beautifully Candid

  4. These are such fun ideas. My PC ad I are both pretty introverted and do really go parties much but I can sure imagine that we would have a blast playing these with the family! Love, love the paper plate game. And the A-Z game. All of them!!! Pinning so I won't forget.


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