Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Working it Wednesday- Planning for the holidays

Hello Wednesday! I'm not going to lie, planning for the holidays is one of my very favourite things to do. I might or might not start in early November... or maybe even late October. #dontjudge. Here are a few of my very favourite planning tips.

1- Use what you have 
I take stock of all the wrapping paper, cards and ribbon I have and try to reuse as much as possible. Though I love to but this stuff, I found myself having way too much around. What works for us is reusing as much ribbon by just tying the presents. I also have done wrapped boxes that separate and can be reused or glue gunned bows together that I just stick to the top of the wrapping. This year, I even bought new scissors as my kids always lose mine. They're obsessed.

From a few years ago.

My friend Jenn uses mostly craft paper for her wrapping and I love it.

2- Then start looking for sales
Friends and family sales are my friends. I don't have a huge Christmas list- but a little sale never hurt anyone.

3- Ask people what they want
We do this with some family (and we decide on a general price range) and it has made things so much easier and fun still.

4-Plan out the events surrounding the Holidays.
We already know our Christmas Eve and Christmas plans and almost every weekend leading up to December is busy in some way or the other. We try to plan a combo of family friendly outings, in home entertaining,  stuff to do at home and some adult stuff.

5- Do what can be done early in November
Things like Christmas pictures, cards, some shopping and booking some Christmas tickets. That way we can spend December soaking up the spirit of the season.

My friend Andrea has taken our photos for a while now.

6- Make it fun but keep it simple.
You don't have to go to everything or do everything. Some years we skip parades, ginger bread house making or do only a little baking. The kids still have a wonderful season. 

7- Remember the reason for the season. 
And take some time to enjoy that.

What are your planning tips for this most festive of seasons?

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  1. I love using up all our wrapping and stuff from previous years - I sometimes buy one new roll for fun, but usually i try to go through everything we have! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. We have the same outlook, plan well in advance so you can actually enjoy the days leading up to the big day. Now to do an inventory of our wrapping paper...

  3. I love finding good deals for Christmas gifts. I'm hoping to have as much as possible purchased by the of end of November. I'm also taking the time to purchase tickets and make plans for various things happening around the holidays!


  4. Smart thinking with the wrapping paper! Hope your plans are going well!

  5. Wise words. Keep it simple. Ahhh, my best laid plans have often turned into nightmares. Keeping it simple and remembering the reason for the season are so important. You, my dear, have such a beautiful family. XO


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