Monday, October 14, 2013

Our carpet needs sterilising

If you are easily offended or disgusted, this might not be the post for you... you've been warned.

Like other immature people, I enjoy the occasional potty humour. That being said, as I write this, I can't help but shudder while I chuckle.

Okay, so we got back from a wonderful but tiring thanksgiving (more about that later). After feeding the kids, I changed A's dirty diaper-- footnote, it was not the pee kind of dirty. Darin was going to bathe her in a few minutes so I decided to let her be 'free'- aka no diaper.

Both girls wandered away from the family room into another room to play with some crayons. Then D called me to see something and said-- "Remember when I told you it's not a good idea for A to be bare-bottomed all over the house. Check this out." There were about 100 crayons all over the floor lying in a pool of pee. Thanks A! I cleaned it up with an old towel and thought that was that. The damage has been done, it's like two minutes before she bathes, she's not going to go again and its a waste of a diaper to put one on for minutes. Makes sense, right?

Famous last words. We then proceeded to the rug area where I was hanging out with Cass on the couch playing some Candy Crush   checking my messages on my phone when I began to smell something. I'm all like Cass, do you smell that? She's denied it was her and said maybe it's A. A was playing in their toy kitchen so I figured we were good. I still continued to smell it so I investigated further. After I was done, right by my right foot, there was a pile. Literally. I began to shriek. Cass got excited as well and began to laugh. I'm screaming "Cass, get paper towels.. I mean get a wipe. I mean forget about it- Mommy will do it."

I scooped Anjali up and saw she was playing with something brown--- yes, it is what you think it is!! All the while screaming and laughing, I washed her hands, came back and Cass is now back with a kitchen towel scooping up the 'stuff'. While she is scooping it up, she is  now pressing some even further into the fibres of the rug. I'm still laughing my tail off but shrieking at her to leave everything right there... she then drops the towel, in so doing drops quite a bit of the stuff all over the rest of the rug!

Then when I went up to deliver Anjali for her bath, D is like you've got something brown on your shirt.


Yes D, you were right.

Excuse me while I fall even further behind in my race for mom of the year.

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  1. Oh too funny. I just read this off your mom-fessions from 5/19 post. Life, it happens :-)


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