Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gobble Gobble

I really love our Canadian Thanksgiving. To me, it signals the beginning of fall and is truly a day for giving thanks and spending time with your closest family and friends. And also, my foursome loves turkey. Seriously, you should see Anjali eat turkey... like a dog with a new bone who hasn't eaten in five days... and it just doesn't taste the same when it's not Thanksgiving!

We had such a wonderful weekend. Darin spent time with the girls on Saturday while I did some shopping and ran a bunch of errands. We also went for a really long walk in the trails behind our house, crunching through the leaves, enjoying all the beautiful fall colours and then ending up at a neighbourhood restaurant for dinner.

On Sunday afternoon, we headed over to Darin's cousin Ammie's house for Thanksgiving dinner. It was a special Thanksgiving as well as it was her and her husband's first Thanksgiving in their new home.... ironically, they also spent our first Thanksgiving in our current home with us. Our aunt, uncle and other cousin joined us as well. We all cooked together and spent some family time having great conversation, delicious food and nice wine. We ended up spending the night there spontaneously also (and going to the local Walmart to grab some pjs!). A really wonderful evening.

On Monday, it was such a sunny day, we headed out to the Cheltenhem Badlands. It was such a cool experience and those badlands were kinda badass in all their spectacular coppery colour and sharp undulating formations. We took a scenic drive taking in all the fall foliage, stopped for ice cream and then came home to have leftover turkey...yum yum! 

Fall's definitely here!

A dad and his daughter.

A guy and my other daughter. 

Don't their colours compliment each other?

Everyone's hard at work

Check out their matching denim shirt-dresses


I've got nothing

Turkey Time!

This baby saw my plate, raced up to me and starting chowing down (this  after having her own dinner)

Aunty, Uncle and Tofurkey


And now we're at the Badlands!

Sleeping Beauty Baby  

Cool right?! It was so nice out, there were so many people around...  the fall colours all around also added to the ambiance

Cass and Aunty Ammie

Ammie, Mo and their baby

Our foursome

Cutie pie!

Charlie Puggleston


Very cool experience

Trust this kid to choose the most artificial ice-cream in the bunch.... for anyone wondering-- it''s bubblegum. I don't know why D didn't skip it while he was reading through the flavours for her. 

Poor A had an empty cone as one of her parents thinks she's too young for cows' milk products. 

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