Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mid week randoms

Just a few random pics and thoughts as we hit the mid-week mark. 

1- This is what happens when you let your four year old pack your cupboard. 

2- Here are the girls giving Daddy some love when he comes home from work. You would swear they haven't seen him since last month.

And some more love!

3- I invested in some Hunter Rainboots--- and trust me, it's an investment- from Shop Bop last week and they got here yesterday. It was on a 25% sale (and they forgot to charge me the duty) and the way I see it,  I would have paid almost twice the price here. They are the most comfortable shoes, made out of real rubber and so, so sturdy! I can't wait for rain.

Really, mama? Are you this excited about these things??!

4- Just a tip, always click on pay duty on receipt when ordering from the US.

5-  Our filing cabinet is in use and Operation Purge is still going strong. My little helper feels like it's Christmas when I pull all the stuff onto the floor and she gets to assist. 

Here she is having some fun with the label maker. 

6- Found this amazing recipe online for Black Bean Burritos that our family just loves. Little A was eating the beans by the spoon. Feel free to add other veggies that you have on hand like mushrooms and bell peppers, spice it up with cumin and taco seasoning and maybe take the hot stuff out like the jalapeƱos for the kids. 

7- I love A's expression in this shot when we were decorating for halloween- C is holding a witch and A's like: Really folks, we're posing again. 

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